The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 is well under way. World Cup final is on December 18th, but there are plenty of matches happening until then. This means that for a while, you and your mates will have all the right reasons to gather in a pub. We've rounded up 10 places in Budapest where you can not only discuss, but also watch the 2022 FIFA World Cup matches while enjoying a beer.



This notorious party district legend is one of the most buzzing places to be. It's primarily a place to eat, drink, and dance, with occasional concerts and talk nights, but the main football events come before any party, even more so during the World Cup. So, if you want to watch the game and dance on the top of the table for joy or sorrow as soon as it's over, you won't find a better place than Ellátó. It's important to note, however, that as they only open at 5 pm, only evening matches can be watched here.


Fogadó Sport Pub

The pub on Fehérvári Road is specifically focused on sports. Its name, Fogadó (a pun: meaning both a tavern and a place where you can bet), indicates that here you must play the odds and place bets, strictly on a friendly basis, of course. Certainly, as befits a good sports pub, you can also indulge in pub sports (such as foosball), obviously between matches and halftimes. There will be plenty of room for the supporter crowds, as the guest area is quite spacious (250 square metres).


CoolTour Bar

CoolTour Bar is a network of pubs, three of which are located in Budapest: one in Lövőház Street, Buda, and the other two on the Pest side, in the heart of the city centre (Király Street). So you can even choose if you want to watch a match and insist on CoolTour Bar, because all three of them offer this option. The day of the matches is worth checking in advance because the opening hours of the three venues are different. For example, the one in Király Street is closed on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Sundays.


Pas/sport Pub

Once upon a time, there was a popular sports bar in Buda at the top of Pasaréti Road, called Sport Bisztró, where locals used to cheer for many games. The place no longer exists, but it has been replaced by another sports bar (in the exact same location), the Pas/sport Pub. Here we can cheer on our favourite teams in the old spirit, for example, this year, at the 2022 World Cup. What they provide is 3 TVs, a projector, and 2 separate rooms that can comfortably seat 15-25 people. If you're brave and adventurous enough, you can also sit outside on the infrared heated terrace with a glass of mulled wine to watch the game. The place was so cool, by the way, that they lowered the price of a pint of beer from HUF 770 to HUF 620 for the season. God bless the football fans!



Staying in Buda, but heading back to the 11th district, there's also a chance to watch the games in the rightly popular Pingvin. Instead of TVs, you can watch them on a giant screen, and Pingvin and its staff will support you with a discount on pálinka and free snacks. As the place opens in the morning, you can watch the 4 o'clock matches here, too.


Winners Sport & Music Pub

Among the sports bars, the Winners Sport & Music Pub (Winners Pub for short) is one of the newest, having only opened last year. But it's got such a convenient, central location that it has quickly become popular. Of course, the fact that you can watch the games not only on a projector but also on 14 big-screen TVs, has helped too. And there are plenty of seats, well over 100. In other words, the Winners do their utmost to ensure a comfortable and uninterrupted supporter experience, and the occasional live music is not a drawback, either – although this is only secondary during the World Cup.


Score Sport Bar

"We're all about football, so play!" says the motto of Score, and it only takes one look around the place to see it's a football fan's loud declaration. It really is all about football here, although that is to be expected from a football-centric sports bar. The place itself is huge, with 400 square metres of floor space and 15 TVs in addition to a projector. And what can we say? It's hard to resist the invitation to go there to cheer on your team.


Stifler Bar

Steve Stifler from American Pie has not much to do with this pub, it was only named after him, but it belongs to Tibi atya. They're all waiting for the football fans during the 2022 World Cup, and although the place is gigantic (seating 432 in 670 sq. m), reservations are highly recommended for anyone who wants to cheer, celebrate or weep at the Stifler. It's also worth noting that this American-style sports bar is card-only.



UltraIbolya is so new that it's only been open for a few weeks, and if you suspected it's something to do with Ibolya Espresso, you'd be right. UltraIbolya is a more modern take on the classic. Although it's nowhere near the size of a sports bar, you can still watch a game here. What's more, the other venues can't say what this place can: you can cheer on your team and curse at the referee, if justified, in a retro atmosphere, in a classic café interior. They also have big size TVs.


Champs Sport Pub

Champs is a veteran among sports bars, a good old venue for watching the game. As befits a proper sports bar, there are plenty of relics adorning the walls, mainly football-related, and so many TVs that there is hardly a corner of the place where you can't have a view of at least three of them. In other words, uninterrupted supporter entertainment is part of the standard package here, as well.