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10 top ideas for eco-friendly presents

This Christmas will be a little different to others before it, but there’ll still be presents to give and receive. Here’s our selection of gifts created with zero waste and recycling in mind.


Bags by Medence Re+Concept

Advertising hoardings, factory scraps and car roofs might be throwaway items for some, but this Hungarian company has long been reviving materials like these in the form of cool bags. There are plenty of styles on offer, with models that make your visit to the store easier and more comfortable, capacious enough for the whole weekly shop.  

Medence Re+Concept
Price: 11,200 HUF


Beer soap by Yes I Brew

This soap is enriched with a mixture of yeast and hops extracted from beer during its production, left-over barley pomace, all made exclusively from vegetable oils, in fragrance-, colour- and palm oil-free versions. Excellent for super-sensitive skin, the 100gr blocks are available in barley-malt pomace, pomace-free, ground-coffee and Earl Grey-tea varieties.  

Yes I Brew
From: Beardcity webshop, Pancs Gasztroplacc, Pixis delikát, Prezent Budapest
Price: varies according to vendor


Cleaning gear by Brigitta Munkácsi

Featuring 57 eco-friendly cleaning products, this comprehensive outlet could be the perfect zero-waste alternative for those happy to do a bit of pottering around at home. Each of the combinations is the result of long experimentation and particularly useful in making cleaning easy: stains, bathrooms, ovens, furniture, natural fresheners or moth control.

Brigitta Munkácsi
From: Boook, Libri, Lira, PAUZA 
Price: 4,990 HUF


Concrete Xmas trees by Obai Concrete

For this Christmas this year, Boglárka Mázsi and team felt a strong desire to create something especially kind and heartfelt. The tree-shaped concrete jewellery and home accessories were originally made for themselves and immediate family, but they went down so well they eventually developed them into a product. The four-piece sets are available in grey, white, green and, in limited numbers, in pink and blue.

Obai Concrete
From: ligne roset, Varázs Garázs
Price: 9,500 HUF


Eco-friendly bags by SAKU

This small, family-run business specialises in textile products – in fact, saku is an Old Hungarian word for bag, such as their popular reusable cloth variety. There is an incredible range here, from durable, waxed bread bags to sandwich wrappers, vegetable totes and much more, in all sorts of sizes and patterns. The people behind SAKU hope that their products will ensure that no disposable plastic bags will ever have to cross their customers’ threshold again!


From: Webshop
Prices: 1,800-3,000 HUF


It's cold outside hand cream by Rosaceart

It’s cold out there, and Rosaceart is here to help. Their pampering, organic cream, with orange-peel essential oils, is a saviour to dry hands in the cold weather. The beeswax it contains forms a thin, breathable film over the skin, which prevents it from cracking. Other natural ingredients include Mediterranean olive oil and exotic shea butter, whose combined nourishing effects result in a fantastic feeling for the skin.  

From: Webshop
Price: 2,950 HUF



These washable, reusable cloth masks are printed with bold, colourful patterns. One of the hallmarks of this fashion designer is her ability to use materials in a unique way, and TOMCSANYI achieves this with her outstandingly successful masks. There are four layers of textile in each one, with one layer of polypropylene filters to provide the utmost protection.

From: The Garden Studio & Café, Prezent plus webshop
Prices: 3-item package 11,000 HUF, 3-item silk package 13,000 HUF, singles 4,400 HUF at Prezent


Pineapple-leaf bags by Tenshibag

Since its inception, Tenshibag has been striving to minimise waste and anything else unnecessary in the manufacturing process, while also creating the most durable products possible. Piñatex, made from pineapple-leaf fibre, was chosen for their vegan bags, which follow the shape of two popular urban variety: the Citybag and the Mini Backpack. This super textile is also waterproof and durable, so it’s sure to keep all your belongings safe and sound – whether it’s your keys or your laptop.

From: Webshop
Prices: Mini-backpack 30,900 HUF, Citybag: 35,000 HUF


Seeds from Virágos Pagony

Although it’s not time yet to sow your garden, a few packs of special flower seeds and a design-friendly notebook can be a stylish surprise. From the seeds, you can cultivate a few beauties which are somewhat particular when it comes to gardening… poppies, forget-me-nots, even peonies. Designed by COVELLIN, the delicately designed packaging also has a natural and close-to-nature-effect!

Virágos Pagony
From: Email
Prices: Packs of flower seeds 350-500 HUF, notebooks 400-500 HUF


Vases & Faces Collection by Printa

Printa comes out with a new collection every season. Decorated with face and frame graphics by Zita Majoros, kitchen textiles, ceramics, pillows and graphics all feature in the current iteration. With these cute artefacts, you can give your home a little extra character, plus the products are all made of natural and environmentally friendly material. The textiles are printed with water-based ink at the in-house screen-printing studio.  

From: Printa
Prices: cushion covers 8,500 HUF, kitchenwear 2,400 HUF, shopping bags 9,800 HUF


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