Budapest can provide an abundance of events and activities during the summer, but if you to leave the city the day and experience all the natural, cultural and culinary attractions the Danube Bend has to offer, here are ten great suggestions only an hour or so away. Enjoy the breathtaking panorama of river sweep, go hiking in the Börzsöny Mountains, canoeing on the Danube or take a cycling tour to remember



Dobogókő, the highest peak of the Visegrád Hills, has a unique atmosphere. No wonder that many people search for the spiritual heart of the Earth here – and the grave of medieval Magyar chief Árpád. It usually takes a two-hour hike to reach Dobogókő from Budapest, but it’s worth it: you can enjoy a breathtaking panorama of the Danube Bend from here.



Called the Hermit’s Cave, legend has it that a recluse once lived here with his donkey, which he used for carrying water up from the Danube. The hiking trail leading here from Zebegény is rather steep, but the amazing view compensates.



You shouldn’t miss Rám Gorge, which has a refurbished hiking trail leading up to it. It is pleasantly cool here in summer, when a beautiful green scenery awaits.



A trail surrounded by plants and creeks leads up to the summit of Nagy-Hideg Hill. The nearby look-out tower of Csóványos – the highest peak of the Börzsöny range - is also worth a visit.


Hydrofoil trip

The Danube Bend provides a perfect scenery for a zip up by hydrofoil. The ride from Budapest to the historic city of Esztergom takes about one and a half hours, so you have plenty of time to take in the river views


Canoeing from Kismaros to Zebegény

A 14-km long tour with little islands, forests and hills on each side. You can rest a little at the town of Nagymaros and enjoy a great fried fish lunch.


Cycling tour from Göd to Szob

This 40-km long tour by bike is not an uphill climb, but if you want to take it leisurely, you can gather your strength on a beach on the Maros River, or stop at a little town along the way.



You can take a hike to the peak of Naszály Hill, an amazing spot with its limestone rocks and beautiful flowers. You find an educational trail and a little pedestrian suspension bridge towards Gyada meadow, and a tourist centre in the town of Katalinpuszta.


Train to Királyrét

You can take a train from the town of Kismaros in the Börzsöny Hills to Királyrét, from where you can hike or cycle to reach the nearby peaks.  


Motorcycle tour

The winding road going through the forest is well-surfaced – and a favourite of bikers. Go from the town of Vác until you reach Márianosztra, and from there turn towards Szob to continue your ride along the Danube.