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I’m a vegetarian in Budapest, is that a problem?

There are several reasons for being a vegetarian. People can choose this lifestyle because of health problems, religious views or principles – to name but the classical reasons. But curiosity or even a conscious approach can also guide us. We wondered whether Budapest is a good home for "no meat" lifestyle.



The generally accepted definition is that vegetarians can be classified at least into six groups - would you have thought? Basically, a vegetarian is a person who doesn’t eat meat (including poultry, fish and any products made of them). Then there are the ovo-lacto vegetarians (they are okay with eggs and dairy products), the lacto-vegetarians (no eggs, but milk and milk products are allowed), vegans (who do not consume any animal foods: eggs, milk, honey), and even in some cases do not use any animal products (such as leather, wool, silk, etc), either. Raw eaters - as their name suggests - only consume raw food (except for those which would be toxic or indigestible), and a fruit-eater is a vegan who avoids vegetables.

Is that complicated? A little bit, maybe - but the fact is that not everybody decides willingly what kind of vegetarian they want to be. Sometimes the body simply determines what a person can eat or cannot. And, of course, there are at least the same number of people who simply decide to say meat goodbye. Either way, both groups need to eat every day. They have to find meals, which are delicious and diverse, not the all-the-time-repeated hyper-oldschool and uber boring fried cheese, fried cauliflower, broccoli and eggplant – or replace the asphyxiated piece of vegetable in the breadcrumbs with anything you like – in any of the possible variations.

Is Budapest vegetarian compatible? Can we offer as a fine variety of meals and restaurants for vegetarians as for those who are omnivorous? We went after that. We searched for a place where we can go even if we want to attract our friends’ attention to the vegetarian side. We looked for a spot where we can find exotic tastes. We also found a restaurant where we can have a delicious meal in just 15-20 minutes. We got to know a place where our favourite sweets are to made vegan-friendly. And we found a place where we will be satisfied even if our brain happens to demand traditional tastes only. Here is the result and the TOP 5 vegetarian restaurants recommended by WeLoveBudapest!

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