If there is a bicycle hanging above your head, or you are drinking your favorite pálinka sitting in a dentist’s chair together with a bathtub and a gutted Trabant then you are not in a dream, but in one of the newest hotspots of Budapest.



The idea appeared in the year 2000 to ‘recycle’ unused or condemned downtown buildings, deserted factory buildings, and gateways by painting them to vivid colors and showing the other side of the city. They spiced the empty corridors and stinky stairways with armchairs from the 60s and 70s, lopsided chairs, old books, pictures, lanterns, French chanson music and a bar counter. The magic succeeded and nobody could imagine his or her everyday life without these places today.

They are perfect for having a cup of coffee with your friends, drinking a beer after work, warming up on Saturday evenings or cooling down on Sunday mornings. Ruin pubs are worth trying in every part of the day.


Szimpla Kert

Szimpla kert is the pearl of the Szimpla ruin pub-chain, since it was among the first pubs of this kind. The only rule is that there are no rules. The most popular pub of the Kazinczy Street hosts private feature films in its open-air cinema, but they also hold concerts and exhibitions. Besides the secret corners and spiral staircases, you will find detailed furnishing. There is an old phone receiver functioning as a bathroom-door handle, we find glass cupboards in grandma’ style, or you can sit in a bathtub reincarnated as a sofa. The regular customers are mainly exchange students or hostel guests but locals are frequent as well. Fooseball-lovers can have a great time, and you find an excellent kitchen if you are hungry. Its disadvantages are that it is always crowded, there are many loud foreign student groups, and there is no flush toilet on the top floor.


Ellátó Kert (Closed)

We can experience the same excitement in Ellátó kert ruin pub during summertime or in Kőleves Kert pub in Kazinczy Street as well. The kert is a perfect place for having a table tennis game, or a taco dinner. If you are not looking for the wildest pub, you definitely need to visit this place. The lavatory is the highest standards of the area.



Kőleves restaurant is only a few steps away from . It has a small summer garden, which looks more like a playground than a bar. This funny garden creates an intimate atmosphere with its swings and colorful chairs. Unfortunately, the barbecue dishes you can have here are a little expensive. Regular customers are students of the Hungarian Dance Academy, or young people with their dogs and bikes. The bathrooms are not perfect here either, and balancing on the pebbles is not very easy after some cocktails, but you definitely find the most extraordinary ambience here.


Grandio party hostel

is another important stop at summer nights. This place is perfect for a little jungle feeling in the concrete surroundings of the 7th district. The courtyard is totally green and with its cleverly shaped tables this place is No. 1. By the way, the upper floors function as a hostel. The main reason why the bar is a so popular destination is its nature-friendliness. Everybody wishing for some relax is here and with their bathrobes, they absolutely fit in.