Try out the brand new ways such as, alternative walking tours searching for specific adventure, sightseeing kayaking, biking, or the very up-to-date idea, the segway. 


Unique Budapest

You will find several possibilities for alternative tours in Budapest. Many nations from Romans to Turkeys, from Germans to Jewish had added something to the values of the city over the centuries. Unique Budapest is eager to show you this multi-colored life of the capital and you are able to sink in the history of the most variable buildings of Budapest in their Eclectic-Art Nouveau-Culture Tour. You can discover the traces, villas and palaces of the ex-aristocracy of Pest. Experience Jewish weekdays in the still active Jewish quarter. Butcher’s shops, confectioneries, restaurants are waiting for you with their scenes, beauty and a very special ambience. Go kayaking on the Danube at night and enjoy the panorama. Look for the offers and products of the luxury stores of the centenary.


BudaBike Tours

If you feel like biking, then rent a bicycle at BudaBike and you are able to enjoy the morning, the afternoon or the retro sights of Budapest. There is also a possibility to make a bigger tour, just apply for the trip of Northern Hungary, where you can visit beautiful medieval fortresses, Turkish baths and Hungarian wine-districts among nostalgic villages of the countryside. At summertime, it is advisable to aim the “Hungarian sea” where you can freshen up in the cool waves of Lake Balaton between two rides. Art-fans will relax in the Szentendre tour with the surprises of the small town.


Discover Budapest

Are you lost? Do you need more information? Do you feel like skimming a guidebook or using the internet? There are maps, leaflets, second-hand books of Budapest, coffee, tea, wifi… You find all of these at Discover Budapest which is a real information spot in the heart of Budapest, behind the Opera House with its unique, friendly atmosphere. You can rent a bike or a segway as well with or without a guide. There are other special tours such as, the pub-crawl at night to visit the best pubs downtown, gastro tour to taste Hungarian food and wine, hammer & sickle tour to check out some things, statues and relics left for us from the former Soviet Union.



KÉK (Contemporary Architectural Center) guided tours let you discover some abandoned public buildings, hidden air-raid shelters, deserted water towers, industrial plants, thermal plants or old paper factories waiting for recycling. Alternative walking tours, film clubs and exhibitions are waiting for those who are interested in architecture. Concrete is in focus this spring between 25 February and 23 April. There is an exhibition about using concrete as designer elements; you can also visit the now-building 4th underground line and a water tower.


Beyond Budapest

Beyond Budapest with the help of its enthusiastic, young team has been organizing special socio-cultural tours in the 8th district since 2007. The main aim of the group is to destroy the several negative prejudices about this area and to try to re-include the district in the tourist circulation of the city. Once, world-famous scientists, artists, writers, poets and politicians had lived here; but for today, you only see the crumbling walls and outside corridors, old windows hiding exciting stories. Peep into the courtyards or spend some time with a Hungarian Gypsy family. You might be able to find the forgotten Jewish treasures and with interactive games and exercises, you can reveal the gossips of the past. You might have thought about who and how people had lived in the palaces of Bródy Sándor Street. After strolling around in the palace quarter, you will find your answers. Discover the flat-galleries, studios, cellar galleries and photo exhibitions. Don’t hesitate, there is a line, so sign up for their tours on their website immediately.