We recommend you some places.


Daubner Confectionery

If you see a long line of people having a piece of cake in their mouth and chewing on it while standing, it is no doubt you arrived to Daubner Confectionery the number one place of Budapest. It is named after Béla Daubner and it is one of the most popular confectioneries of the city. The grandson, György Daubner is running the family business today and he admits to have a piece of cake after each meal. The pastry shop is a legend, but it is nothing to do with Gerbeaud or Central in style. There are no chairs, tables, or fascinating decorations. The service is not the best either. There is one thing that makes you forget about the long lines and distant parking places; and this is quality. Mr. Daubner does not care for trendy downtown places, spacious salons and luxury, instead he makes his salty and sweet cakes and pastry from the very best ingredients based on the top receipts. When you finally manage to get to the counter, you should ask a little more from everything. You must taste pogácsa (round cakes) with ewe’s cheese, Esterházy torte, E-80 or anything else actually. You cannot choose wrongly in Daubner but you definitely need to wait a lot. There are lines for ice creams in the summer and for Bejgli (rolled cakes) at Christmas. Although, they added an extra place to sit down, the choice is less and prices are more expansive there. If you have time and you want some cakes to go, Daubner is a ‘must-visit’ place.


Angelika Coffee House

Angelika Coffee House in Batthyány Square, near the baroque Saint Anna Church, is homey rather than beautiful. The old heaters and the vending machines will not delight your eyes, not to mention the purple walls with the absolutely not matching red napkins. The place is usually dark and smoky. After all, there is something lovable in it. On the one hand, the fact that there are only a few confectioneries in the surroundings improves a lot in the value of the coffee house. On the other hand, they have a big terrace facing the Danube River, which can be an ideal place for an ice cream or a light dinner. If you do not have too high expectations of the place, its homey atmosphere and delicious cakes are worth a try.

Address: 1011 Budapest, Batthyány Square 7.


Szalai Confectionery

Szalai Confectionery is close to the Houses of Parliament, which is similar to Angelika Coffee House in its style. The red chairs and the grey tiles on the floor are not too elegant, but we do like this place for something else. The achievements of the Szalai family are on the walls, and you can taste the famous creamy pastry in French style or their strudel with sour cherry filling. It is a nice place to have a nice rest.



People in the bus stop in Ferenciek Square should deserve a ‘sweet-moment’ in Jégbüfé. It is not a sit-in place, but they have been serving ice creams, parfaits and cold shakes for a huge crowd since 1952. Their cake offers are quite impressive, but you should stick to ice creams. The paying system could be a little uncomfortable for tourists, because you need to tell your order at the cash desk and then, with the receipt in your hand, you will finally get your dessert. Unfortunately, you are not able to show the cake you have chosen through a glass, and we absolutely understand that Hungarian cake names are very difficult to utter. Some scoops of ice cream with the beautiful sight of the Erzsébet bridge could be a nice match anyway.