If you wish to wear Hungarian shoes which was made with special care only for you, do not hesitate to visit these ‘shoe-masters’ below.


Réka Vágó

Réka Vágó alias rekavago is the Hungarian, female Manolo Blahnik. She graduated in London College of Fashion and she is committed to comfort and excitement hidden in the details. She became attracted to shoes at a very early age since she was a ballroom dancer she quickly realized the importance of good shoes. Our imagination is the only thing to set the limits of her uniquely designed shoes, not to mention her special bags for some collections. As the beloved shoe-maker of Hungarian celebrities and first-class customers, she designs the high-heels for many famous fashion designers’ shows. Leather is the basic material but textile appears quite often too. Her showroom in the 5th district is worth a visit for all those who like beautiful shoes.


Vass Shoes

If Réka Vágó is for ladies we offer Vass shoes for gentlemen. László Vass was the one to re-establish the traditions of shoe making and opened his workshop in Haris alley number 2 for quality leather shoes. László Vass, the dreamer of special-size and ready-made shoes started his business in 1978 and today he is a legend among businessmen and foreign customers. One of his most popular models having the name from Budapest is still a great success. Pieces are popular in Australia, Switzerland or France and we can be sure that a pair of Vass shoes will never be hidden in a dusty shoebox. They are designed for a life even if we must pay the price.


Tisza Cipő

Tisza cipő is probably the oldest brand in Hungary. The story goes back to the 1930s when a man called Thomas Bata wanted to own a shoe factory. The factory received great success in the 70s when Adidas made its football shoes here. Later he was the permanent supplier of shoes in the American, French, and English and of course, the socialist countries’ market making 10 million shoes per year. Because of the system change, the international trademarks became available and it broke the success of Tisza Shoes. In 2003, there was a revolutionary idea to ask young graphic artists, clothes and shoe designers to reawaken the legend of Tisza Shoes. It became a great victory and the characteristic T symbol is again on the shoes of young generation. The showroom is on Károly boulevard and there are special stores on the countryside as well where you can always find limited edition collections in connection with interesting Hungarian actualities.



Anna Zaboeva is a strange story herself. The young Russian girl went wild and hitch-hiked from Russia to Budapest. She started at the real bottom and began to design shoes from her last pennies. Her trademark, Pleasemachine is known from its uniqueness, youths and freedom. She strives for perfection and does not follow directly the newest trends. In Siberia shoe store on Wesselényi street, everybody can find out the secrets of her mind. Anna makes unique models, she enjoys rummaging the streets in garage-clearing season. If she finds interesting materials she uses them on new design shoes. It’s interesting, isn’t it? Now, that’s why it’s worth a visit.

Siberia (closed)
Address: 1077 Budapest, 19 Wesselényi Street