The creators below are the most famous ones in the country, they have their own showrooms in the downtown, and their newest collections are long-waited in every season. Many of these popular designers have learnt abroad, and they succeeded internationally as well. They usually represent the elegant, dressy fashion styles. If you dream of a beautiful evening gown, a party dress, a posh trousers suit, or if you would like to say ‘I do’ in a Hungarian design wedding dress these are the salons you need. If you enjoy praiseful or sometimes jealous looks, you should collect some of these dresses that you will not find anywhere else in the world.


Tamás Náray

The most famous designer of the city is Tamás Náray, whose salon is right next to the Opera House. He came back to Hungary after 1989 after learnt every trick of the dressmaking trade in Paris. He opened his first salon in 2000, and it became a great success from the beginning. His dresses represent neat elegance, and he is outstanding in creating beautiful evening gowns, ladies’ two-piece suits, and party dresses. His collections are moderate but stylish, and mysterious colors feature his clothes. Pieces are available in Dubai, in the USA, or in Germany as well. The designer clearly represents classical values in style, and Hungarian celebrities often wear his dresses in popular TV shows.


Bori Tóth

Tóth Bori’s salon is only a few corners away from Náray’s showroom. She also represents stylish and cool elegance. She prefers modern, urban designs with today’s businesswoman in focus. You must buy some pieces of her collections if you like moderate and pleasant styles, and enjoy showing your feminine characters.


Katti Zoób

Katti Zoób is the number one artist in Hungary, who has just won the award of the most modern and the most creative designer in Shanghai. She has unfolded her talent in several fields from architecture to artisan leather products. This individualistic designer became famous for her collections, which are colorful, creative and playful at the same time. One of her most interesting projects is the Zsolnay-Katti Zoób cooperation of making unique jewellery, and most pieces are available in the world-famous Harrods store in London. You are able to buy Katti Zoób products in Wien, Graz, Paris, Dubai, and Shanghai.


Márta Makány

Márta Makány is an outstanding designer of Hungary as well. She is always smiling and her motto says: “Be yourself and feel good!” Fashion-fans love her dresses. Her collections of party dresses emphasize naturality and individualism. She also supports sportsmen, sportswomen and musicians by creating unique clothes only for them. Brides love her works, since she has astonishing wedding gowns. Her collections appeared in the Italian Vouge Sposa, or in the Russian Wedding magazine as well. Besides her salon in Báthory Street, her clothes are also available in Japan, South Korea, Great Britain, and in Australia.


konsanszky - Dóra Konsánszky

Dóra Konsánszky is another symbolic designer of Budapest. She learnt all the tricks of three-dimensional tailoring and French corsetry in Paris. Her collections feature neat elegance, but the clothes also show designer elements and French couture spices. She is the ‘Designer of the Year’, she worked for big fashion magazines as a stylist, and she wrote some articles as well. She has her own salon in Károly Boulevard, where you can buy some unique pieces of her collections.


Barbara Léber

Barbara Léber learnt in Spain, and it tells a lot about her talent that Michelle Obama has recently worn one of her creations. Barbara represents elegant and refined style with classical values for real women, and in her two salons in Budapest you find wonderful evening gowns, wedding gowns and party dresses.

Gentlemen are very welcome in her showrooms in the downtown or in Buda, because she has some unique pieces for men as well. The materials, silk and lace coming from France, Italy, Portugal or England blow their own trumpet. In her Haute Couture collections, you can always find some exclusive pieces. If you are longing for some extraordinary, her clothes are always the best choice.



Daalarna means ‘Sensual appearance on unforgettable occasions’ and it means heaven for Hungarian brides. Anita Benes has dreamt these exciting shapes and styles that create everlasting elegance with the wonderful materials she uses in her clothes. Her design is incomparable, so brides, grooms, bridesmaids and parents will all find perfect garments for the biggest days. Many of the Hungarian celebrities choose exclusive pieces from Daalarna store in Alkotmány Street for their weddings.