Therefore, people consider them as boring, overpriced money laundering places. Luckily, some hotels have redefined the concept of hotel-bars. You can read a selection of these new types of bars that we highly recommend for a short business meeting or a place to drink a nice cocktail after a tiring day.


Gresham Bar

You can find Gresham Coffee House in the atrium of the most elegant hotel of Budapest, which is definitely the . It is one of the most remarkable buildings of the secession reflecting all details of the grandiose elegance of the era making Budapest the intellectual hub of Central Europe. Excellent Hungarian and Mediterranean dishes are served; you can have a nice rest in the pleasant piano bar under the Arabian-style glass roof of the atrium. Admire the view of the grassy Roosevelt square and the hidden glances of or as the perfect background of this first-class coffee house atmosphere.


Paris Budapest Bar

A few steps away from you can find the first luxury hotel on the . An imposing interior and a thrilling panorama is hidden behind the moderate exterior. The hotel has nine floors but the modern hall itself gives a fascinating spectacle. The Paris Budapest Bar features an attractive international interior and it opens from the hall providing a breathtaking view of the and the The restaurant offers refined French cuisine but – thinking of overnight guests – you are able to try traditional Hungarian dishes as well. Enjoy the nice, silent background music and have a couple of drinks in one of the orange-white armchairs even until 3 o’clock in the morning. This perfect bar is worth a try.

Gresham Bar (closed)
Address: 1051 Budapest, 5-6. Square Széchenyi István


Corso Bar

Across the street, opposite Sofitel, there is the right on . Corso Bar is a perfect choice during summertime, since its spacious, open-air terrace provides a peaceful panorama while you are enjoying the cool of the great white sunshades. We do not recommend it for an evening meal because most dishes and drinks are quite expensive, but classic cocktails are fine and reasonable. After having a tiring sightseeing day you definitely deserve a Mojito or a Tequila Sunrise here.


New York Coffee House

, one of the most identifying buildings of Budapest, is right there, a couple of meters away from Blaha Lujza Square. The renovation of this outstanding building of Budapest received a Europa Nostra Award and Boscolo Hotel moved there in 2006. has been operating since the 1900s and it was an intellectual center of the era. The richly decorated Neo-baroque and rococo interior provides a fascinating atmosphere for a business meeting or for a pleasant dinner. We do not recommend it for an ‘all-night-drinking’ but for the price of a cup of coffee and a cake you are able to enjoy the ambience. It is surely worth a visit.


Le Bar

Walking towards on the right hand side, you will find the Corinthia Grand Hotel Royal, which is one of the biggest hotels in Budapest. It was able to survive all the wars in the 20th century and it has been operating as a hotel since 1896. The building was renovated in 2000 and for today, it became one of the most popular five-star hotels of the capital. It has more restaurants and bars inside. is probably the best choice for having a meal because it was chosen the best restaurant of the year three times. You can taste the world-famous products of marzipan-making with a hot cup of coffee in the Szamos Marcipán Coffee House. Le Bar is a delightful salon for a good drink where a pianist provides nice background music


Blue Fox Bar

Let’s get back to downtown. In the close vicinity of Vörösmarty square stands the always suitable for a quick meeting. It was the first modern luxury hotel built right after the system change of 1989 and managed to set the standards and cope with the newer hotel chains. The hotel bar is among the best. You hear stirring piano music all night long; bartenders’ manner and service is high above the standards.
We must not forget , which is the newest hit of Budapest. This trendy restaurant was opened in a few months ago.