Young Hungarian fashion designers are eager to fill the gap between foreign fashion chains and high-end fashion brands.

Their target group is the generation in their 20s and 30s, young girls and boys, who do not like bumping into the same coat on the streets and who want to show a little more from their personality. These young designers provide another choice for everybody wants to be stylish and likes inspiring shapes and unusual pieces. These street-wear collections are made in Hungarian dressmaker’s saloons and only in small quantity, so they are a bit more expensive in shops. Foreign designers using premium quality materials are well-known internationally but unfortunately Hungarian young generation rather choose hangers in bigger ordinary stores than in special little shops.
We highly recommend the designers below for all excitement-lover fashion maniacs.



Beloved designer of Hungarian young people is Szandra Sandor alias Nanushka who is quite outstanding in fashion world. This young lady prefers everyday street-wear; comfort and functionality comes first in her collections. Her clear, traditional tailoring represent more than fashion, it is a lifestyle. Her clothes, which is also available in London and in the US, consist of comfortable blazers, leggings, coats and simple dresses.


Anh Tuan Showroom

Luu Ahn Tuan is a little Vietnamese twist in Hungarian fashion life. He was inspired by his travels across Europe and Far East. In 2006, he finally opened his shop in Budapest downtown. Besides his men and women wear he also makes leather bags and accessories. Due to his identifying geometrical character, triangles and squares are found on many pieces of his work.


Sandor Lakatos

Sandor Lakatos is also an interesting personality among designers. He has been making men’s clothes since 1996. His collection ranges from minimalist, elegant, black jackets and T-shirts but you can find some wild Hello Kitty suits as well. Sándor is a pioneer in Hungarian men’s street-wear. Thanks to their family tailoring business, he met designing and clothes making at a very early age. His shop is situated in Duna street, number 3.


ONE Fashion Agency & Retail

Dora Abodi is representing both experimental and elegant trends in fashion world. She uses hand-made details, new cuts, fresh, modern ideas together with unusual materials and luxurious feeling successfully. She is the designer of the year. Besides clothes, we can also buy bags, shoes and other accessories in her shop in the 2nd district.


Miklos Pazicski

Who is the designer who refuses functionality in today’s women wear and puts emphasis on feminine cutting-edge styles? Yes, the answer is Miklos Pazicski. His shop is right beside the National Museum where you can purchase the pieces of his clothes. The most outstanding feature of his collection is the combination of nostalgia and traditional cuts together with the newest trends.


Dora Mójzes

Dora Mójzes aims to create the style of 21st century woman. The WOMAN, who is open-minded and determined who is successful in her work but feminine in everyday’s life. She mainly uses black, white and grey colors in her collections that can be purchased in Budapest’s stores such as Catwalk, Retrock Deluxe, or in Zurich and Miami.