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If you live around, pass by, or just simply bored with the usual crowd of the party-district, or maybe want to experience a really cool and nice place, then start this summer with
(“Giraffe”). They await you at

on June 10 and 11, with excellent beers, fresh rhythms, and of course with a giant screen since June 10 marks the beginning of the 2016 UEFA European Championship.

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Hello Buda Winterland

Open every day all season long, Hello Buda Winterland will be offering special events and dishes wrapped in an Alpine atmosphere.


Városháza Park Ice Rink

From November 24th to January 7th, don skates and slide in the atmospheric surroundings right next to Small Boulevard.


English Stand-Up Comedy with Elena Gabrielle

On December 2nd, Australian Comedian Elena Gabrielle will hit the stage.


ReClaim Vintage – Advent Night Shopping

On December 3rd, the first Sunday of Advent, they extend their opening hours, letting you browse the pieces until 11 pm.