OFF-Biennale 2020 - Inhale!

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  • Több helyszínen / Multiple locations

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  • 24 Apr-31 May 2020

OFF-Biennale Budapest 2020 addresses the issues of the 21st century that affect and concern all of us. The featured projects offer a local take on the global problems that pose a threat to humanity and life on Earth. The dangers presented by climate catastrophe, artificial intelligence, total surveillance, authoritarian rule, nationalism and consumption are the topics being addressed, individually and collectively. The third annual OFF features contemporary art that boldly confronts these problems in a free, daring and occasionally unusual manner. Responsible activity is the key.

The Hungarian and international artists are mostly under 40. Given their age, the quality of life in the 21st century and beyond is their utmost concern, as are the environment and society here in Central and Eastern Europe. Their approach emphasises the significance of an immediate relationship between the public and collective responsibility – as a powerful example, the artists themselves work in close collaboration with each other.

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