Hungary's one and only Hobo, aka László Földes, is turning 77 and to celebrate, the blues legend has written his autobiography and will give a one-off show at the Papp László Budapest Sportaréna. Both book and concert carry the same message, Térdig a sz*rban, fülig a szeretetben, 'Up to my knees in sh*t, up to my ears in love', presumably a reference to Hobo's multi-faceted career as a Rolling Stones obsessive in Communist Hungary and Magyar interpreter of Jim Morrison's oeuvre. Considered underground back in the day – he makes a cameo appearance in cult film Eszkimó asszony fázik of 1983 vintage – the old rocker has grown old gracefully and should scare up a few guest stars for this special occasion. Scheduled for his 75th birthday then cancelled, the performance now falls on his 77th.