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Atlantis – Seafood Evening at Párisi Passage

The restaurant of one of the most beautiful hotels in Budapest, the Párisi Passage Café & Brasserie, evokes the bustling coffeehouse atmosphere of the turn of the century by day and offers an exciting but relaxed dining experience in the evening. On 17 September, you can take a special journey by immersing yourself in the mythical world of Atlantis thanks to chef Louis Lutz’s gourmet menu of seafood delicacies. His new evening menu takes you to the mysterious city of Atlantis by way of a trip around the world, where you can sample bouillabaisse, the French fish soup, linger in Japan with tuna tataki, head to China for tiger prawn piri piri and then visit America for a salmon club sandwich. Desserts are also lavish: piña colada flies you to the tropics while Black Forest will help ease any Central-European homesickness. Finally, the miracle cocktails of Atlantis can even shed light on the secrets of the sunken city.

More details and information about reservations can be found here.

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