Anilogue International Film Festival

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This year’s Anilogue International Film Festival will feature six full-length animations, as well as some 25 short films and 16 cartoons, nearly all English-friendly. Works include the Oscar-nominated Irish-English-French production, Wolfwalkers, the French-Belgian-Spanish film, Josep, the French-Danish award-winning Calamity, and one of the defining Japanese animes, The Tale of Mamoru Hosoda. Look out, too, for Belle: The Dragon and the Freckled Princess, running over two hours. Among the short films and animations, you can also find award-winning Hungarian works of the past year, such as Éva Darabos' Bye Little Block. Gábor Ulrich's Dune and Júlia Lantos' Incognito. And the festival’s weekend schedule will include an Animated Night for adults – and you can also see the winners from last year.

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