After 8 years, you can now catch an Uber ride back home (or to your hotel) after a night out in Budapest! What's more, you can even make it free until the end of June.

Buckle up, and enjoy your Uber ride! After exiting Hungary in 2016, following opposition from taxi drivers, the tech giant has made a comeback to the Hungarian capital. They've partnered up with Főtaxi, Hungary's leading taxi service, and announced some great deals for passengers and drivers!

If drivers meet the criteria, they can work commission-free for the first three months. And passengers can try out the service for free up to three times until June 30th, with a limit of HUF 5,000 each time. 

Although the united opposition of domestic taxi companies made it impossible for Uber to survive in Hungary in the past, it has since been proved in several countries that the company is quite capable of successful cooperation with local taxi companies. That has paved the way for a partnership with Főtaxi, marking the return of alternative taxi services to Budapest through a joint venture. This might also spark some serious competition with BOLT in the ride-hailing market.

(Cover photo: Oscar Wong - Getty Images)