Whether you’re on the hunt for unique souvenirs or want to treat yourself to hip accessories, Makers’ Market is the place to be. Popping up once (or twice) a month on both sides of the river, you can leave the good old ‘magnet days’ behind and explore a variety of treasures, all handmade by local designers. Browse beautiful things from prints to jewellery and ceramics, while a DJ spins disks. Socialise, join workshops, sip on drinks, and nibble on delicious bites.

Makers' Market is like the Time Out Market of designer products and handmade crafts: the city's coolest designers gather under one roof to showcase their beautiful creations. And the array is nothing short of eye candy. The market is a hotspot for creatives, wannabes, and anyone appreciating art and unique artisan pieces – so if you're one of them, read on!

While a DJ plays upbeat music and people chitter-chatter, workshops start and delicious smells waft the air. And amid it all, you can cherry-pick colourful prints and scarves by Lunar Budapest, Rome-inspired clothes by Kamay Ko, gorgeous kantha quilts by TAANKA, sensual candles by Noor Candles, holistic ones by Pura Vida Wellness, baseball caps by bl.unka, notebooks by DOT for You, scrunchies by esc, Scandi ceramics by katacryl, and many more. 

There are so many eye-catching things, you'll hardly leave empty-handed, so bring your tote bag along! It's also good to know that by buying a pretty gift, you support eco-friendly and sustainable production as all creators aim to craft their goods of local ingredients using local resources. But Makers' Market is more than the setting for a shopping spree. Apart from showering you with a curated selection, the fair provides the perfect chance to chat with the vendors and learn more about the brands and each item – because trust us, every piece has a story to tell. 

The market is organised in two locations: Fény utca Market on the Buda side (yep, inside a proper food market), and a cosy restaurant, MOST Bistro, on the Pest side, just 5 minutes from the Opera House. These venues come with a huge perk: you can stay for a few drinks and snacks – and please do, because the vibes are amazing. But mark your calendar if you are planning to catch a fair: as a pop-up event, it's open once or – if you're lucky – twice a month.

Upcoming dates

  • June 9th - Fény utca Market
  • June 23rd - Most Bistro
  • July 14th - Most Bistro
  • August 18th - Most Bistro
  • August 25th - Fény utca Market
  • September 15th - Fény utca Market


Makers' Market Budapest