In 2016, Uber faced an exit from Hungary following opposition from taxi drivers. However, the tech giant is gearing up for a comeback, and it plans a strategic merger with Főtaxi.

You surely know Uber – the ride that you ordered through the mobile app might have saved you several bus rides home after a night out. The company is present all around the world, from Australia to Chile. Hungary used to be on this list, too, up until its story came to an end in 2016

The big news is that Uber is returning, teaming up with Budapest's main taxi service, Főtaxi. They've officially applied for a dispatch service permit, and Forbes reports that the Uber Taxi trademark is now listed in the National Office of Intellectual Property's database.

Although the united opposition of domestic taxi companies made it impossible for Uber to survive in Hungary in the past, it has since been proved in several countries that the company is quite capable of successful cooperation with local taxi companies. That has paved the way for a partnership with Főtaxi, marking the return of alternative taxi services to Budapest through a joint venture. While we have to wait for the exact launch date of the old-new system, we know for sure that Főtaxi will continue to exist, offering bookings through its own application in the future.

(Cover photo: Getty Images)