Budapest Zoo welcomed a new resident just a month ago - a baby armadillo. The baby boy, yet to be named, emerged from his shelter on January 1st. So with a bit of luck, you can catch a glimpse of this adorable mother-son duo at the Palm House at the Zoo.

Budapest Zoo, in the City Park, is a must-see any time of the year. But if you visit fairly soon, you can also spot its tiniest star: a baby armadillo. Originating from South America, these three-banded armadillos have been under the care of Budapest Zoo since 2016. With successful breeding efforts in recent years, the armadillo clan welcomed its newest member just a month ago. Now, the little one, growing fast, steps out into the spotlight alongside its eight-year-old mother, Luna.

The little armadillo, venturing only a few steps away from its mother, is a boy still awaiting his 'christening'. Among armadillo species, the three-banded variety is among the smaller ones, uniquely adept at curling up, thanks to its special bone armour protecting its soft belly. If you are lucky, you can admire the recently born animal and its mother in their shared habitat at the Budapest Zoo's Palm House. Plan your visit here.

Source:  Budapest Zoo  & Botanical Gardens

(Cover photo: Zoltán Bagosi -  Budapest Zoo & Botanical Gardens)