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A hidden oasis with craft beer and concerts – This is Mad Garden Buda


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18/08/2023 3.33pm

If you are a fan of craft beer and open-air locales, head to Buda's 3rd district. Hidden among ten-storey apartment blocks, there is a veritable green oasis you will love: Mad Garden Buda. As the love child of downtown craft beer bar MADHOUSE and Mad Kert, it obviously comes with top-notch beer from Hungarian brewery Mad Scientist. And the laidback atmosphere is almost only a plus. Escape from the buzz of the city, rest in the shade of trees or enjoy the sunshine, the beautiful evening lights, concerts, food, ten beer taps, and DJ sets.

Mad Garden Buda was a big sensation last year, and to the glee of locals, the place reopened in April in a suburban part of Budapest's 3rd district, Óbuda. It offers alfresco drinking and dining, and a host of activities to tempt anyone who wants to lay back in a green garden full of plants, any day of the week.

Photo: Horpáczi Dávid

Concerts, yoga, and plant market

Mad Garden Buda offers a bunch of activities, including concerts, a design and plant market, yoga, brunch, board game nights, and DJs.

Photo: Horpáczi Dávid

Mad Scientist beers and summer coolers

The Mad Scientist brewery features ten taps, but you can also taste cold beers in cans or organic wines from local producers, specialty coffees, or organic press juices from the carefully selected range.

Photo: Horpáczi Dávid

Make sure to try their less ordinary drinks, too, such as milk-based vodka, Japanese gin, pét-nat, a sparkling wine created using an ancient process, and verjus, the juice of unripe grapes and an excellent ingredient for non-alcoholic spritzers.

If you’d rather stick to soft drinks, you can choose from two versions of the yuzu syrup brought to you by chef Norbi Piszkor: one flavoured with ginger, lemon, and hops, and the other inspired by Mad Scientist’s Tokyo Lemonade beer.

Photo: Horpáczi Dávid

Oriental dishes

The menu has been spiced up with oriental flavours, including falafel and hummus based on a traditional recipe from Jerusalem, a pulled pork sandwich made from Mangalica, served with coleslaw and stuffed in toasted Bosnian flatbread. And for something sweet, the ever-popular summer hit, Nutella mousse waffles with whipped cream, is also on the menu.

Photo: Horpáczi Dávid

Relax in a historic garden

The yellow, ivy-covered building towering over the garden definitely sets the vibe. Built in the 1780s, the Selyemgombolyító (Silk Factory) has seen its fair share of history. Originally, as its name suggests, a silk factory, later a residential building, it became a popular venue for public culture in the 1970s, including the “táncház” movement (a casual folk dance event), but has also been home to newspapers, NGOs, and even a library. Unwinding with a cold beer next to this historic building is an exceptional experience. 

Mad Garden Buda is a friendly, relaxed place where everyone can be their authentic self and relax every day of the week.

Photo: Horpáczi Dávid

For further information and programmes, follow the Mad Garden Buda Facebook page.

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