'This album is like an unplanned child that we deeply love' – Lola Marsh returns to Budapest in March


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03/03/2023 11.40am

A five-piece indie pop band from Tel Aviv. Witty lyrics. Dreamy tunes you will keep humming. And a concert we think you should see: Lola Marsh is returning to Budapest on March 24th. They will be back in Budapest for the first time after last year's Sziget Festival, and while we are waiting to put on our dancing shoes, we caught them for a quick interview.

When we first heard a snippet of the music of indie pop band Lola Marsh – it was the song Only For A Moment – we Googled them and put their tracks on repeat. The more songs we listened to - Wishing Girl, You're Mine, Sattlelight just to mention the big hits - the more we got stuck in the dreamy world Yael Shoshana Cohen (vocalist), Gil Landau (multi-instrumentalist) and the rest of the band keep creating. No wonder they became so popular, first in Israel, then all over the world. Their songs have been featured in Netflix shows (e.g. 'Only for a Moment' in Atypical and Purple Hearts), and they have co-written a song for the film 'Criminal'.

And now, they are back on tour, presenting their new album Shot, Shot Cherry to the world. And - excited emoji inserted - they are coming to Budapest too. This is not their first concert in the Hungarian capital (the last time they performed at Sziget Festival), and they seem to be looking forward to it as much as we are. They have even posted a sweet video on their Instagram about their upcoming concert in Budapest, which you can watch here

While waiting for them to hit the stage at Akvárium on March 24th, we caught them for a quick interview.

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We Love Budapest: A huge hurray on your new album Shot Shot Cherry! You worked on it while the world had shut down around you. What does this album mean to you? 

Lola Marsh: Thanks for the hurray. We worked on this album while the world was closed, and it was a big challenge. We had just finished recording our second album and were in the middle of a big tour in Europe when corona started. So when we got back home, we were like OK, what are we supposed to do now? After sitting in our flats for a while, angry & depressed, we came to the conclusion that we’re going to meet in the studio to write new songs, cause that’s the only thing we could do right now. And actually, these songs gave us hope.

This album means the world to us. It was our medicine at a time of uncertainty, a ray of light in dark years. It’s like this unplanned child that we deeply love. 

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We Love Budapest: If you had to pick one song on the album that everyone should listen to, which one would it be?

Yaeli: I would say 'Chasing Storms'. It’s this tender song that has a cinematic vibe, and every time I listen to it, I’m really proud that we wrote it.

Gil: 'End of the world'. This song was the first song we wrote after the sky closed on us, it has this catchy melody that you feel you've heard before.

What have been the proudest moments in your life lately? 

Yael: So on the personal side, Gil got married two years ago to his beautiful wife who he’s very much in love with. And I met my gorgeous boyfriend who I am deeply in love with too.

And actually, we just got a really cute letter from a girl from Budapest, she’s six years old, and she loves our music, she will come to the Budapest show on the 24/3. We are very excited to meet her!

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We Love Budapest: In 2022 you visited 12 countries and released 3 singles and an album, which sounds like busy days. How do you spend your time when you are not on tour or working on music?

Yael: Usually, when we are not working on our music, we vacate with our partners, Gil with his wife, and I’m with my boyfriend, sometimes around the world, sometimes resting a little bit.

We Love Budapest: We are excited to have you back in Budapest soon. What comes to mind when you think back to your last concert at Sziget Festival?

Lola Marsh: We are so excited to come back to Hungary again. Someone asked us what our favorite show was in our carrier, and we chose Sziget Festival! This festival was unbelievable, the crowd was fantastic and gave us so much love. So can’t wait to come back.

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We Love Budapest: What can we expect at the concert on March 24th?

Lola Marsh: Budapest is definitely one of our favorite cities, so we are coming with a whole lot of love! At the concert, we’re planning to play songs from all three albums, very excited!

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We Love Budapest: What is your favorite part of being Lola Marsh?

Lola Marsh: Our favorite part of being Lola Marsh, I guess, is to write songs, and then to see how it enters people's hearts.

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Lola Marsh performs at Akvárium Klub on March 24th. You can still snag tickets here. And until then, 'Practice, learn some languages/ Fix me many sandwiches'!

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