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Unlock an urban adventure – 6 brilliant escape rooms for the holidays

If you're looking for a great family activity for the holidays or a birthday, a real challenge with friends, a team-building event, or just a break from reality, these 6 escape rooms will do the trick.

Hungary is big on escape rooms and we think you should try at least one while in Budapest. Whether you like logic games, detective adventures, or are a fan of TV shows, pirates, Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland, or horror, you're sure to find something to suit you. You can also buy gift vouchers of varying values online at each venue, whether for yourself, family, or friends. You can even get them online ahead of your Budapest trip.

Neverland Bar & Escape Room

The themes change, but the essence does not. In Neverland, the doors close and you have 60 minutes to get out. You'll need everyone on your team to complete the mission. The rooms are extremely realistic, with lights and smells completing the experience. It's just a question of whether you want to get out of the insane asylum or an Aztec tomb (in a set designed by the Opera House's painters and sculptors), or whether you want to venture to the Wild West or the School of Magic, the latter 2 courses being recommended for children as young as 10. And their latest is called Bank Robbery. But Neverland is not just an escape room, it's also a bar in the heart of the party district, on Dohány utca, where you can stop for a coffee or a cocktail. They are always ready to mix something special, but they also have a wide range of G&T and spirits. Over 300 of the latter are available from all over the world, but they also make warm cocktails in winter. And if you fancy an American burger or a light salad, the Neverland's restaurant offers a selection of international dishes. It's also a great destination for groups of friends and team-building events, with a separate, posh VIP room.

Gift vouchers available here.

WLB tip: We also recommend it for Spanish and French-speaking people, as some of the courses are available in these languages, apart from English and Hungarian.

Time Heist escape room

Time Heist, located in Liliom utca, started as a family business, as the family members are keen escapers themselves. There's only one of the rooms, the Squid Party, with spookier decorative elements, so the others are safe to try with older children. They're constantly improving and innovating. The Secret of Lady W reopened in October, with brand new challenges and a new generation of puzzles. The Heist is a logic room, so there are no padlocks, just puzzles to solve. People from all age groups are welcome, surely no one will be bored. And in the Upside Down room, you'll be transported to the 80s, where you have to close a secret passage to prevent the Monster from entering the real world.

Gift vouchers available here.

WLB tip: Their newest room is set to open in February 2024, and so far all that's been revealed is that it will be a fantasy story with a new generation of challenges and amazing visuals.


The PANIQ-ROOM is one of the oldest and largest escape rooms and opened its doors more than 10 years ago for those looking for something special. Their themes include fantasy stories and games based on well-known films and TV shows, including Saw, CSI, Indiana Jones, Lost, Predator, Sherlock, and Game of Thrones. And their Nightmare room is played in total darkness. In addition to the traditional 'locked' escape rooms, they now have 3rd and 4th generation rooms. They feature 14 traditional (in Mária utca and Paulay Ede utca) and 17 VR rooms in four easily accessible locations in the city centre. In addition to the rooms, they also run a selfie museum, an axe-throwing spot, and a splatter room.

Gift vouchers available here.

WLB tip: The VR escape rooms at PANiQ-ROOM on Üllői út take you on a journey across worlds – whether it's a haunted house, Egyptian pharaohs, or even Wonderland.

Locked Room

All Locked Room games are self-developed and self-built escape rooms, offering a variety of unique and adventurous challenges. Especially recommended for student groups, also as a class field trip, as they offer a wide range of discounts on weekdays and for larger groups, but if there are students in a group of at least 5, there is also a 15% discount. No prior knowledge is required to succeed, the rooms are fully child-friendly, and not at all scary. There are 12 themed rooms to choose from, from a hospital detective mission to a high-tech room and a pirate adventure.

Gift vouchers available here.

WLB tip: They have 12 rooms in two locations, meaning even very large groups can play stimultaniously.


One of Budapest's most popular escape room complexes, MystIQueRoom offers 17 rooms and a whole host of experiences! Descend into the Pharaohs' Burial Chamber, discover the creatures of Wonderland, enter the doors of the Magic Castle and immerse yourself in the world of wizards! Everyone can find a room to suit them, with a theme and difficulty to match. There's nothing scary or unexpected about the games, and the guaranteed excitement comes not from the confinement, but from the variety of tasks and the rapidly ticking clock (you only have an hour to solve the puzzles). Ideal for 2-8 players, but with so many rooms and levels, up to 150 people can play at once, and they're open every day from 9 am to 9 pm. They also offer a separate birthday party room, so you can top off the experience with some kick-ass cake after the getaway!

Gift vouchers available here.

WLB tip: Last year we tried the Magic Castle, a must for Harry Potter lovers, and Alice's room, which we both loved. Read our reviews here.


Magic Rooms

The Magic and Pirate Empire are not only creative restaurants (see the wizard-themed eatery here and the pirate-themed here), but the teams also operate escape rooms, and not just any of them. They are as visually stunning as the restaurants themselves. From Jumanji to The Magic School to Pirates of the Caribbean-inspired tracks, there's a whole host of exciting places to visit on your adventure. Not only the scenery, but also the puzzles to solve fit into the stories, so you can get totally immersed in the game as if you were in the middle of a thrilling movie or an adventure novel. The more the merrier and the cheaper, as well! The maximum number of players is 8, but you can also play concurrently, so it's not just a family event or a birthday party, but also a great team-building activity.

Gift vouchers available here.

WLB tip: If you're already immersed in the wizarding world, make sure to stop in for a magically-smoking cocktail or a burger before or after your adventure at The Magic I or II, or a pirate pizza at Pirate Empire. Booking is highly recommedned.

(Cover Photo: PÁNIQ-ROOM)


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