Today marks the end of an era: the more than 5-year-long reconstruction of metro line M3 is complete. Starting this afternoon, all stations are back in use, meaning you can hop on the trains at Nagyvárad tér and Lehel tér once again.

City dwellers had been dreaming of this moment for more than five years: the full line of metro line M3 is back in service. The works are officially finished, and the remaining two stations (Nagyvárad tér and Lehel tér) are reopening this afternoon. It means that from now on, you can travel between Kőbánya-Kispest and Újpest-központ without any changes to replacement buses and get on and off at any station you like. The mentioned buses will be back on their original routes.

The renovation of Budapest's busiest metro line started in 2017. It involved the installation of new tracks and detours, the replacement of safety devices, and the insulation of the tunnels. Every station has been revamped (see Deák Ferenc tér and Ferenciek tere here), with an emphasis on accessibility: elevators and inclined elevators were installed to help anyone with limited mobility travel, along with signs to help people with limited vision get around more easily. After the completion of the reconstruction, Budapest is getting back an almost brand new metro line, which was also the setting for an extremely cool Star Wars photo shoot recently.