After two years of hiatus and one year of moderate partying, Sziget Festival will be back in full swing this August. And here is what's new.

Sziget Festival, hosted by Budapest between 10-05 August, is the biggest music festival in the region. It is 6 buzzing days of concerts, parties, theatre performances, light shows, talks, and other communal activities. It is the Island of Freedom.

We have previously shared a list of the headliners at this year's festival: you can go crazy at the concert of Billie Eilish or Lorde and Mumford & Sons. Today new details have been announced, and here is what you need to know.

Visuals and decorations

Sziget is upping its game regarding the visuals: the coolest pre-pandemic decorations get unpacked while some other locations get redesigned. The Art of Freedom installations will return, and the sound and lighting systems will be upgraded. Also, the K Bridge will be decked out, providing a memorable (and Insta-worthy) entrance for all visitors.

Budget meals

All food courts will come with vegetarian and vegan options and have offers for guests on a special diet. Every food truck will have to provide at least one 'budget meal' as a main course, limiting its price to HUF 2,500. 

Dust-removal and Greener Festival

Last year, dry air and massive dust were major issues. This year, they are fighting the dust with a new dust-removal process. Moreover, the organisers are working towards being even more environmentally friendly, backed up by the Greener Festival initiative. They aim to recycle 50% of the rubbish accumulated during the festival. An experimental carbon compensation program has been introduced for those travelling to the festival by plane. Read more about it here.

Entrance and shows

The only entrance point will be the K Bridge, such as last year. The dance floor of Europe Stage (showcasing top emerging bands from all around the world) and dropYard (the location of break-yoga sessions) will both get a bigger capacity. Local artists will perform on every stage, but you can also enjoy theatre performances, art spaces, and even shows at the biggest-ever circus tent. The popular Ching Labyrinth will return to Sziget too.

See more info, including the lineup, here and get tickets here