According to the British Reassured, the UK’s largest life insurance broker, Budapest is the 4th best European city for hybrid working.

Since the 'rona, we have all got the hang of working remotely. It does not necessarily mean our house, but the local coffee shop, the library down the road, or an entirely different country. The team of Reassured analysed 38 cities when creating the list of The Best European Cities for Hybrid Working. They compared the amount of free Wi-Fi spots, co-working spaces, the daily renting rate and the average cost of a coffee.

Istanbul tops the list, followed by Sofia and London. In the 4th spot, we have Budapest, which is praised for the low price of coffee (an average cuppa is only €1.61). The article remarks that the daily renting will cost you around €85.68. It also highlights that Budapest has 5,335 free Wi-Fi spots and 59 co-working spaces.

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