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Shows, concerts and cultural attractions – Budapest is always buzzing. Each week, we gather all of the important happenings taking place in our favourite city so you can plan ahead. Get involved!

Friday, 20 January

Visit the Star Wars exhibition

To the glee of Star Wars fans, an interactive exhibition opened in downtown Budapest. The Travelling Galaxy, consisting of pieces from a private collection, displays hundreds of authentic maquettes, models and life-sized puppets familiar from the films (mainly from the original trilogy). The exhibition is for all ages, and according to the plans, the current collection can be visited until the end of March 2023, and you can even have a sneak peek here.

Join Tex-Mex City gastro fest at Tereza

This Saturday, you can be a part of a truly special gastronomic and cultural experience in downtown Budapest. TEX refers to Texas and MEX refers to Mexico, which is quite the giveaway for the fact that you can taste specialities with an American-Mexican fusion. Expect burrito, empanada, enchilada, fajita, guacamole, jalapenos, nacho, salsa, taco, tortilla, and a special menu. On Thursday, live music will be played by the Andrew Ace Band

Enjoy techno beats at this underground party

The fusion of Lunar, Spontan and L'éternité will transport you to a different dimension at Akvárium Klub, reviving incredible energies. Techno beats are guaranteed as the line-up includes Paralich, Janett, George Jr., Ratkay, Kalmikvcs, Richie b2b Slaager, and Viktor Bondar. Get tickets here.

Saturday, 21 January

Dance on Ice at Csepel Ice Park

Csepel Ice Park is kind of a big deal. It is also a crowd favourite and for a reason: it boasts a total of 2,000 m² of ice. Also, its 3 rinks are connected by a cool ice corridor, where you can even dance this Saturday. Starting at 6 pm, their disco on ice party comes with DJs, a laser and a fire show. It might be a little further away from the city centre, but will be worth the trip.

Get ready for some serious beer tasting at the I. Craft Beer Budapest 2023

The bars of Budapest's craft breweries arranged a big celebration for 21 January. You can visit 9 venues, chat with the brewers, and have the first glass of house beer at half-price. If you collect the stamps at all the locations, you will be rewarded with a Craft Beer Budapest T-shirt.

Take the family to the Cat Museum

Located in the city centre, the Cat Museum Budapest has a special exhibition where Macaco, Candy, Leonardo, Cicero, Simba, Neytiri, Maya, and Pirate are waiting for your arrival and are always ready for a play or a purr. You'll leave the site wanting to take at least three of them home, which of course you can't, as the museum is their home, but you can always come back for another cuddle. The cats are very friendly, seek human contact, cuddle and push their heads to you, almost asking to be petted. None of them scratch or bite, and although they run around a lot, all eight are remarkably calm. See other family-friendly activities here.

Sunday, 22 January

Fill your shopping basket at a farmers' market

Nestled in the hills of Buda, Czakó Kert's farmers' market comes with an array of local producers and the chef's famous sweet steamed bun (gőzgombóc). And the list goes on with the usual delicacies: such as goats’ cheese, sourdough bread, organic fruit and veggies, flowers, jams and smoked meats. The market starts at 9 am on Sunday, and you are welcome to have breakfast or lunch at the bistro.

Mix up yoga with a spa experience

End your week with yoga and wellness on January 22nd at the beautiful Mystery Hotel Budapest. After 60 minutes of flow yoga, you can enjoy the hotel's Secret Garden Spa for three hours. Sign up by sending an email to If you miss the registration for the class, you can still visit the spa as it is open to everyone.

See amazing abstract art at the Museum of Fine Arts

The Museum of Fine Arts’s cabinet exhibition pays tribute to the painter Simon Hantaï, born in Hungary a hundred years ago and attaining world fame while in France. The sixty or so displayed works include two dozen hitherto unknown modernist masterpieces by the artist.


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