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Fast, casual and central – Buddha Original serves Asian favourites right across Budapest


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15/08/2022 3.27pm

With the opening of a stylish, two-storey terrace eatery on downtown Kristóf tér, Buddha Original has brought its popular brand of fast casual Asian cuisine right to the heart of Budapest. From the nearby stores of bustling Váci utca, shoppers and sightseers can pop into Buddha Original and find their favourite dish among the many wok, curry and sushi options. Sister outlets across the city provide the same quality and convenience, the menu easy to follow and given in English. Sit down or takeaway, Buddha Original is your reliable choice for delicious Asian dishes. You can even create your own wok box!

Buddha Original is the latest gastro craze to sweep Budapest! At 14 prominent locations across the capital, now including a flagship two-floor terrace restaurant on downtown Kristóf tér, Buddha Original allows diners to create their favourite Asian meal – or choose a classic wok dish, curry, sushi or soup listed further down the extensive English-friendly menu.

Photo: Socially/Nóri Puskás

Given the wide choice available and the popularity of Asian cuisine – who doesn't like noodles or sushi? – everyone is bound to find something to their taste. And there are healthy options available, too.  

Buddha Original locations can be found all over the city, on the Nagykörút between Nyugati station and Oktogon, at the Westend mall and on Egyetem tér in the student quarter. If you're over in Buda, you won't miss out on the Buddha experience there either, with an outlet on trendy Bartók Béla út and one soon to open at Mammut. Wherever you are in town, it's almost certain you'll be close to one right now!

Photo: Socially/Nóri Puskás

When you arrive, you'll quickly see a large menu laid out in four easy steps. This allows you to build your own selection. Everything starts at first base – choose from noodles, rice or grilled vegetables – upon which you add the topping you desire. This could be duck, it could be wood-ear mushroom, it might be shrimp. Allergens, nuts, milk and many others, can be omitted upon request.

Now comes the sauce. Pad thai, red curry, tom yum or teriyaki, there are nine to choose from. Finally, don’t forget the extras, that dash of lime, chili or coriander to give your meal a little kick.

Photo: Socially/Nóri Puskás

There are plenty of starters, too, ideal for sharing if there’s a group of you getting together over tempura king prawns, chicken satay and spring rolls. Alternatively, zingy Asian soups include tom yum, kuetiao and Thai chicken.

Photo: Socially/Nóri Puskás

Rather than the four-step mix-and-match method, for a main you can go straight for a rice dish with teriyaki beef or egg-honey chicken. Ten classic Asian favourites also feature, including pad thai, red curry and kao pad, to accompany your kind of meat, seafood or vegetable choice.

Photo: Socially/Nóri Puskás

There’s sushi too, sashimi, maki and nigiri, with avocado, red tuna or salmon, among many others, but don’t overlook the Buddha sushi specials, where these come in spicy and smoked varieties.

If there’s a bunch of you, you can keep everyone happy with a combination of 12-20 pieces.

To finish, desserts also echo the Far East, such as the sweet rice and coconut milk of the kao niao moang

Photo: Socially/Nóri Puskás

Lemonades come in passion-fruit, mango and mint flavours, there’s draught beer, teas including apple rooibos and chamomile – and let's not forget cocktails!

Fruit mojitos and frozen margaritas are best sipped on the spacious terrace of the new Buddha Original right in town, meaning you can combine party, dinner and shopping in one, right by Váci utca!

Photo: Socially/Nóri Puskás

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Buddha Original
1052 Budapest, Kristóf tér 2 

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