Sound playground opens by the House of Hungarian Music


  • Zsanett Fürdős

26/07/2022 2.08pm

At a unique playground just opened outside the House of Hungarian Music, you can play congas and drums, jump around with noisy abandon and experiment with all kinds of sounds. It’s the perfect accompaniment to the major attraction and concert venue next door, and free fun for the little ones.

Unusual devices around the playground elicit sounds and rhythm. You can jump on musical cushions and join a cimbalom circle. Along this interactive pavement, as you step from one loop to the next, you either create melodic harmony or complete cacophony.

Photo: Koncz Márton - We Love Budapest

This special feature was invented by the Montréal-based art and design studio Daily tous les jours, who placed sensors into the casing to turn human steps into music. Twelve tiles have been installed in the inner cimbalom circle, while outer tiles imitate a piano, a guitar and a harp.

In the wooden section, you find windpipes, congas and cajón drums, as well as pillar bells. Everything has been set up to have fun and make music, and should be ideal for those families whose budget might not stretch to the admission fee for the museum.

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