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Spotlight on nature and the environment – historic Gödöllő hosts planet-friendly festival


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25/05/2022 11.47am

The eighth annual International Festival of Nature and Environmental Protection organised by the Blue Planet Foundation offers plenty of exciting activities for all the family at Gödöllő Palace from 27 to 29 May.

Over the three days, the main focus will be on the films submitted for the International Nature & Environmental Film Festival and the Carpathian Basin Natural Values Film Festival, the best selected by a panel of experts and screened here.  

Photo: Nemzetközi Természet- És Környezetvédelmi Fesztivál

There will be live music, too, provided by Gigi Radics, Sziszi Szakács and Dirty Slippers. A roundtable discussion will allow Angéla Eke, Laura Döbrösi, Diana Ürge-Vorsatz and Tamás Vitray Jr to share their thoughts, while a filmmaking workshop and quizzes should also appeal to Hungarian speakers.

Outlets of Trash Art and WWF, craft fairs and outdoor exhibitions will be set up, as well as a street ball on Saturday and an open-air cinema on Sunday.

Photo: Nemzetközi Természet- És Környezetvédelmi Fesztivál

For Children’s Day being celebrated over the weekend, Saturday sees a concert by the band Alma, Sunday Hurrá! and Ági Szalóki. Other activities include the Kenderkóc Folk Playhouse, Hatvan Hunting Museum and the Hungarian Museum of Natural History, along with a barefoot trail around the palace.

Event information

Admission is free, with no registration required and all dogs welcome. More information can be found on the Facebook page.

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