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From Nógrád to Ferencváros – cosy Manfréd bakery sets up on gentrifying Tompa utca


  • Péter Blazsovszky

01/02/2022 10.02am

As Tompa utca in Ferencváros welcomes more and more young professional residents and contemporary businesses, another outlet has just opened. Alexandra Molnár and Szabolcs Nagy are behind the new Manfréd bakery, an oasis of calm and quality cocoa swirls in bustling District IX.

Through the huge glass wall, around the smart interior, you can see Alexandra, Szabolcs and team putting their heart and soul into their work to produce fresh, crispy baked goods, underscored by quality sourdough.

Photo: Forgács Zsuzsi - We Love Budapest

Alexandra, ‘Szandi’, turned to baking after stepping out of working for a multinational, like many others have done in recent years. Taking her last chance to obtain a national qualification, she trained to be a baker, so that her long-beloved hobby might one day become a full-time job

Photo: Forgács Zsuzsi - We Love Budapest

Soon after their decision last year, she and her partner, Szabolcs, found premises that were once a Vietnamese restaurant, and immediately saw potential in creating a place where they themselves would like to go: clean, sophisticated, with thought given to detail – a nappy change, for example.

Roasted coffee from Nógrád should appeal to fans of both the traditional and the new wave.

The Nógrád connection is no coincidence, given that it's Szandi’s home county. The flour comes from Pásztó, the dairy products from the Maszlik Family Farm in Szente, her personal favourite. From rye bread to sourdough sandwiches, kifli rolls and croissants to a wide variety of cakes, there’s plenty to choose from.

Photo: Forgács Zsuzsi - We Love Budapest

And Hungarians seeking the Holy Grail, the perfect kakaós csiga, a snail-shaped swirl of perfect pastry lathered in cocoa spread, won’t be disappointed.

Photo: Forgács Zsuzsi - We Love Budapest

A clientele is growing already, young mums, students, ageing gentlemen, couples in love and office workers. Popularity is encouraged by the fact that this isn’t a chain but a modest independent bakery with honest values. A warm atmosphere and friendly team are the cherry on the cake.

Photo: Forgács Zsuzsi - We Love Budapest

Venue information

Manfréd bakery
1094 Budapest, Tompa utca 21
Open: Mon-Fri 7am-6pm, Sat 8am-1pm

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