From chicken paprikash made from free-range chicken to main dishes made from crunchy vegetables grown in the countryside, newly opened TATI brings fresh ingredients directly from Hungarian producers to create flavoursome food in a way that is best for the planet.

Chances are that you initially wander into Budapest's 7th district for its famous ruin bars and pubs. But it would be a great miss to disregard its gastronomic scene. Newly opened TATI is one of the spots that should be on your radar as it has an exciting and sustainable take on gastronomy. Its cuisine is based on the farm-to-table concept (using ingredients coming directly from the farm to the restaurant via the shortest supply chain). This approach, which is now a gastro trend all around the world from Copenhagen to Osaka, is typically a trait of the fine dining sector, but TATI is taking on the challenge to make it more accessible for everyone. 

Flavoursome and seasonal dishes are made exclusively from goods coming from Hungarian producers. The menu, dreamed up by Attila Gáspár with the help of Farm2Fork founder Boldizsár Horváth, is designed in harmony with the seasons, so it keeps up with the changes in the farmland and nature. In the spirit of consciousness, TATI has slightly more emphasis on vegetables than an average menu, but free-range chicken, ethically sourced beef, and Hungarian freshwater fish are all on offer too.

The current menu, which is available until the end of December, is nothing short of mouthwatering. Chicken paprikash comes with thigh fillet, butter dumplings, sour cream and crunchy lettuce in vinegar on the side. Potato stew is made with sour cream and is topped with tarragon pesto and lamb cevapi. Sturgeon fillet comes from the region of lake Balaton (Keszthely) and is served with rosemary pearl barley risotto. And we can't miss to mention the Beetroot dish, piling up red and yellow beets baked in salt, pickled beets, beetroot jelly, and charred potatoes.

You can pair the dishes with organic, biodynamic, and natural wines. Or you can also opt for a nice cup of tea made from wild herbs or a natural cocktail, such as the Plant a Tree Cocktail (with wheatgrass instead of the usual matcha). Freshly squeezed carrot juice and beetroot juice are also favoured ingredients of TATI's signature drinks.

TATI is a great spot for a beautiful and hearty dinner, but is also ideal for cheeky toasts after work. Here you can slow down and taste simple but fresh flavours, showcasing local products in new and more contemporary ways. It is good for you, the producers and the planet.


TATI Budapest 1074 Budapest, Dohány utca 58–62. Facebook-oldal Weboldal