To the glee of cocktail lovers (including us), a new member has just entered Budapest's bar scene. At KAA Mixology you can sip your En Fumo under an enchanted ceiling or be the one to add the last drop of ingredient to your Final Touch at the bar. We tried both during our first visit, and the experience didn't disappoint. We haven't even received our drinks but were already amazed: there is something very special about taking in the mysterious jungle vibes from one of the squashy armchairs, and mulling over the question of what could KAA stand for. K for neighbouring Király Street or cocktail (spelled with 'K' in Hungarian)? None of which is correct, of course, but more on that later.

Stepping into recently opened KAA Mixology, you find yourself in a very different kind of world to the buzzing and crowded Király Street. Nestled in one of the corners of jungle-themed (and very Instagrammable) Twentysix restaurant, KAA welcomes you with a nocturnal scene of the same jungle, which we were instantly enchanted by.

The dark walls evoke the mystery of the moonlit night, giving the sensation of sneaking around among the shady trees of the primeval forest. There are thousands of dry plants attached to the ceiling, bringing a lustful and secretive atmosphere, and an exclusive but intimate feel at the same time. This interior design truly has a wow effect, it is something we haven't seen in the Hungarian capital before (and something we can't seem to stop banging on about). And it also explains the name of the bar - just think of the snake in The Jungle Book stories.

In this jungle, however, no danger awaits. Instead, you can sit back and relax in an elegant armchair while your cocktail is getting prepared behind the bar. The flawless experience is guaranteed by decades of expertise of the Head Mixologist, known to many in the Budapest bar scene as Pilu.

Ask for a signature Zentini to taste Asia (made with green tea instead of vermouth), which will come with fortune cookies and nori crisps. Or pick En Fumo, which, as the name implies, arrives enveloped in a cloud of smoke and takes you straight back to The Roaring Twenties in AmericaYou can also try one of the classics, a Negroni or a Manhattan - which are made strictly according to the recipes of the now 81-year-old cocktail magician and living legend Charles Schumann. 

And if you opt for the drink called Final Touch, you can even become part of the creative process as you will be the one adding the last drop of ingredient. Like literally: with the help of a pipette, you can decide whether your old-fashioned bourbon-based drink will get a bitter, chocolaty, or fruity finish.

If you are craving something more unique, make a wish, and they will improvise and create something specifically for you. Which explains quite well why KAA is called a 'mixology'. And we haven't even mentioned that most of the concoctions, syrups, fruit and spice components are self-developed.

For the full experience, you can pair your cocktails with a delicious mezze, such as fresh falafel or butter beans with garlic and lemon, or extravagant small plates, such as Moroccan fried cauliflower with lemon-parsley tahini, salt chocolate granola, and grape leaves



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