Harrison Ford, Mel Gibson, Ronaldinho, Melissa McCarthy, Tom Hanks and Jason Momoa have all dined in the beautiful surroundings of Prime Steak & Wine over the last ten years, tucking into immaculately presented, top-quality meat at what is Budapest’s only internationally recognised steakhouse. We find out why Prime is a cut above the rest.

At Prime Steak & Wine, you can admire the elegant façades around the Basilica from a terrace table or opt for a spot behind huge, darkened windows, the atmosphere masculine, the style glamorous and elegant, the dominant colours gold and brown.

Just as with the composition of the dishes, there’s no side issues with the interior design, everything is what it seems. You are surrounded by huge, Baroque Baccarat chandeliers, custom-made floor carpets, leather sofas and wall panels, and one of the central elements of the space is the illuminated, chilled bar counter made of semi-precious onyx stones.

Such care and expense have not been in vain, as you sip your drink from crystal glass or a special Riedel wine glass, and the capacious table anticipates the arrival of a huge feast.

Once it comes, you won’t be disappointed. A varied steak menu lists prime USDA-certified American Omaha, Argentinian, Brazilian, Uruguayan, Black Angus or Australian wagyu beef, the popular filet mignon, rib-eye, New York strip and a hulking Porterhouse weighing more than a kilo. It can also be ordered with as a T-bone or a tomahawk cut.

Most of the staff has been training locally and has been running the kitchen for seven years under the direction of chef László Fazekas, so the steaks are cooked to perfection by skilled hands using quality ingredients. Ten types of side dishes and sauces may accompany.

We were lucky enough to try the impressive steak platter for several diners. Of course, the show started with spectacular cocktails, classics with a twist. Among the appetisers, the carpaccio roulade of Angus sirloin (HUF 5,700) was prepared right in front of us, the shimeji mushrooms added flavour and the parmesan chips provided a slight crunch to the meat, brought out by the soft horseradish cream cheese that came with the dish.

The foie gras selection (HUF 3,900) was served with passion-fruit purée, onion jam and truffle borscht. The Angus tartare (HUF 4,990) was mixed on the spot, in front of us, so that we could adjust the flavours according to our own taste, enriching the dish with many delicacies.

The main dishes are a real experience for the senses. Steak is by no means modest, it provides a classic, sumptuous feast, here featuring wonderful meats that vary in taste and texture. The huge steak platter for four (HUF 84,590) makes a substantial impression on the vast table.

In composition, in addition to the perfectly prepared T-bone and New York Strip steak, specialities such as roast foie gras, wagyuburger covered with edible golden leaf and roast bone marrow are equally neatly arranged. Seafood is represented by lobster tail and spicy shrimp, the grilled corn and pineapple adding a light finish to the delicacies.

With the table groaning from all the meats, side dishes and sauces, the surf & turf kebab (HUF 42,500) arrives, huge red king crabs skewered together with bacon-wrapped filet mignon.

Finally comes a large, perfectly prepared tomahawk (4,600 HUF/100gr). The specially cut meat is sliced ​​in full view of the assembled carnivores.

The huge feast also includes premium drinks. You can choose from nearly 300 global and Hungarian wines in various price categories, with the help of head sommelier Márton Nagy. Classic Magyar varieties feature, along with Argentine, New Zealand and South African, some vineyard-selected and even clone-selected.

So, you can look forward to a sumptuous feast at Prime Steak & Wine and not be disappointed. You’ll be paying top dollar – then again, you're in good company.

Venue information

Prime Steak & Wine
1051 Budapest, Sas utca 18
Reservations: +36 70 331 8666 
Open: Tue-Fri 6pm-11pm, Sat 2pm-11pm