A new waterside hangout has just opened deep in otherwise gritty District VIII. With a split-level space and a laid-back atmosphere, the Buttler Terrace stands by shore of the lake at Orczy Garden, right behind the Museum of Natural History. Where better to relax with a cooling view of the water?

The Buttler Terrace first opened just before the pandemic. It partially operated following summer and spring but from this year, the Buttler Terrace can function at full capacity, offering shade and two levels of seating from spring to autumn. With water at your feet, surrounded by greenery, it’s the ideal spot in this summer heat.

Every day from 10am, the Buttler Terrace provides smoothies, ice cream, freshly squeezed juices and draught beer. A domestic Dreher is 650 forints, a Floris Kriek cherry wheat variety 950. Giant pancakes cost 690-790 forints, hot dogs 650, burgers 1,590-2,290 forints, the priciest stuffed with a double meat patty and cheese.

Venue information

Buttler Terrace
1083 Budapest, Ludovika tér 2
Open: Daily 10am-9pm