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Autistic art brightens new line in men’s trunks by hip Hungarian sports brand Tisza

The novelty of this summer’s collection by sought-after Hungarian brand Tisza is a limited edition of two types of men’s trunks, created in collaboration with the Autistic Art Foundation, developed by autistic creators.

Buying cool Tisza swimming trunks this summer means a number of things. First, you’ll be supporting homes for autistic residents and the artistic creators who live in them. Secondly, this should help instigate open conversation about and more acceptance of the autistic community. Thirdly, and not least, you’ll look sassy strolling by the pool!

The Autistic Art Foundation supports the placement of young people who cannot live independently and provides them with decent living conditions. In addition, they have been running an art programme for 12 years, showcasing and supporting artists with autism who, despite having extraordinary means of visual expression, would never have created their work without their help.

Péter Kiss and Kristóf Réti are two young artists who are severely affected by their autism and do not speak at all. They both live in a residential home in Miskolc supported by the foundation and have been active creators in the programme. 

They met the Tisza brand through the foundation, which is how their drawings came to be used on the new limited-edition trunks, available at Tisza stores and from the webshop.


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