If you’re thinking about what kind of activities to come up with to keep the kids entertained, one that’s fun for adults and that older ones will enjoy – or even a good idea for a couple – head to the Csopa Science Center! One of the most entertaining attractions in Budapest has been welcoming those interested in the subject for more than 25 years, but it’s not an old-school museum – more a playful, fascinating and interactive experience. Located on Kolosy tér, across more than 5,000 square metres, over two floors, almost 250 games await, laid out in eight themed sections, with 5D and 9D cinemas, scientific shows and even escape rooms, Csopa not only keeps you occupied for the whole afternoon, but the whole day as well. We gave it a try and can’t wait to go back.

An adventure for everyone

It was a fair time ago that we last visited the Csopa Science Center, but it was most certainly a defining encounter with the subject, and extremely entertaining with it. Now that we’re back a good few years later, we’ve become even more confident whether it’s physics, chemistry, the human body or space exploration, Csopa offers great adventures for everyone. Here everything can be tried, touched, twisted or climbed, whether it’s pre-school infants or grandparents accompanying grandchildren, or even young people on a date – everyone happily throws themselves into science games.

Exhibitions with different themes await across two floors and nearly 5,000 square metres of display space, you can create our own whirlpool, meet the most renowned scientists, take part in an astronaut mission, get lost in the maze of mirrors, discover a world of illusions or even visit Newton’s garden.

Science with extras

Your adventure starts in the Nature workshop, where you can take on the role of our ancestors, explore the world through your senses and float among the clouds like a bird. while a building corner awaits little ones. From here, you come to the Hall of Scientists, where the most renowned experts in various fields come to life in the form of life-size puppets, and you can even try out their most famous experiments.

If you’ve ever wondered how a magnet works, you’ll get answers to all our questions in the next room, and you can even learn about attraction and repulsion by hiding in a magnetic shoe. And at the Space Station, you can take part in a real mission, where you have to go through eight stages to help repair a failed alien spaceship.

After a little breather between games, the Playbar awaits on the second floor, where you can relax and choose from the selection of various snacks and soft drinks. You can’t sit too long, however, because you have to try out the special table-football tables, where six people can play on the three-sided table-football game and eight people on the XXL version, so even if you’re here with a larger group of friends, the fun is guaranteed. Not to mention the life-size billiards and 27 interactive tables where you always find new games.  

Once you’re all played out, you can look into the World of Birth, where you can not only build your own DNA, but even hide back in the womb for a few minutes. In the Hall of Illusions, you can stood in front of Picasso’s canvas, give your eyes a little exercise, and in the Mirror Room you sample the infinite. Finally, in Newton’s orchard, you can rest under his famous apple tree while dusting off your somewhat forgotten knowledge of physics.

Let’s experiment!

After going through all the attractions, you adventure’s not over as you can catch a show on the Glass Stage that showcases the science of mechanics, watching the experiments with the same open-mouthed wonder as the little kids sitting next to you.

There are four scientific presentations on stage every day, which would be a shame to miss, and enthusiastic candidates can take part in the experiments as assistants. You can join in with the kids kicking a ball, but you don’t want to miss out on the experiments either, so you can head to Gedeon Richter's Laboratory, where you can feel like a scientist, putting on your lab coat and goggles, and with the help of the experiment package, venture into the world of chemistry.

If this isn’t enough fun, you can sit in the 9D or 5D cinema that affects all the senses, but there are also four themed escape rooms awaiting you. Here, you can put yourself into the body of an archaeologist, an emergency doctor or an engineer’s assistant, or even help solve a city’s problems by using green energy.

We recommend that you set aside a minimum of half a day to visit, but if you can, plan of a whole day’s entertainment. Your wristband allows you to nip in and out, so you can head for lunch after the morning’s experiments and then come to try out the other attractions.

And Csopa also promises to provide unforgettable entertainment for international  visitors, too, as all descriptions, games and experiments are described in English. 

Venue information

Csopa Science Center
1036 Budapest, Bécsi út 38-44 
Information and ticket prices here