A showcase for local small-batch producers, Szatyorbolt has just moved into the ever-developing Margit Quarter, expanding the range of its eco-friendly goods already on offer at its original store in Pest.

Szatyorbolt is more than just a modest outlet in District VIII and now a new, larger one in the Margit Quarter. Its promotion of environmentally friendly products has seen a whole community develop around it as they’re sold at other markets and locations around the city.

The new business sits next to the recently opened Halkakas fish shop and bistro, expanding the culinary offer of the Margit Quarter. Here, meat, dairy products and especially high-quality vegetables from seasonal suppliers such as Farm2Fork, Szőrös és Kisjuhász and the Zsámbok Organic Garden) attract shoppers.

Winter favourites include parsnips, Jerusalem artichokes, for autumn beetroot, curly kale, and pak choi, in summer special lettuces and beans. Knowledgeable staff will be happy to advise.

The best option is the vegetable bag, which you can buy online with a different selection of vegetables according to season, in three different sizes. A small one is 3,950 forints, this week almost 4kg of different, premium-quality vegetables, enough for one person for about a week. A large bag (HUF 6,500) provides for two, a maxi (HUF 8,500) a family of four.

As well as measures, you can track the provenance of each product.

Most products come from within a 50km, maximum 70km, radius of Budapest. Szatyorbolt works with a total of 30 producers, nearly all seasonal suppliers, as well as half-a-dozen farmers throughout the year.

Meats are sourced from István gazda and Andrea Gál, eggs and dairy products from YouTyúkNaszálytej and MecseKecske, bread and cakes from Bake My Day and the Minerva Bakery. Sauces, seeds and pestos are also available, plus eco-friendly cleaning products by Ahimsa, Cleaneco and Jármy Manufactory. Coffee, tea and other goods from abroad come from international fair-trade and organic producers.

Although the prices are dearer than at large supermarkets and malls, due to the quality of goods and service, here you can buy better, easier – not mention help the environment.