Curfew restrictions now eased


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07/04/2021 3.19pm

The gradual easing of restrictions has begun! Starting Wednesday 7 April, the curfew will begin two hours later, from 10pm, then run until 5am as before. Non-essential shops, including hairdressers and cosmeticians, may also open, provided there is on average one customer for every ten square metres. Cafés, restaurants and hotels for non-business guests are to remain closed. Guests may enter the premises in order to pick up consumables.

With more than 2.5 million people in Hungary having received their first vaccination, the government has decided to ease restrictions slightly. The night curfew now starts at 10pm instead of 8pm. Non-essential shops may open and businesses can operate until 9.30pm. Schools and nurseries are expected to open on 19 April, with teachers vaccinated.

Further easing will depend on vaccination numbers across the country.

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