Urban artist creates crazy mural to decorate Budapest metro station


  • Zsófia Nagy

17/12/2021 9.11am

Locals dashing through Dózsa György út metro station in the Christmas rush should look out for a striking work of art now decorating the platform areas. The funky mural is the work of Daniel Labrosse, a Franco-Hungarian illustrator with regular exhibitions in Budapest.

The colourful and interconnected figures of Daniel Labrosse usually reflect the wacky world of Budapest, his street art telling us that we would do well to accept and even love the strange figures around us, because we have to live with them in any case.

Photo: We Love Budapest

After shows at the Kahán Art Space and Living Gallery Budapest, Labrosse has directed his creativity towards the walls of Dózsa György út station, on the northern section of the blue metro.

The two works feature constructionthe long-term repair of the M3 line is a common cause of complaint – a toy metro train and the various characters who travel in it, a skinny accountant, a silicone-lipped girl, an elderly aunt and other faces whose archetype you might recognise.

Waiting times here will seem much shorter – although you can only go as far south as Lehél tér one stop away before you have to pick up the M3 replacement bus into town.

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