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Head to Nr1 Fitness for modern, welcoming gyms open 24/7 at key locations around Budapest


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11/10/2021 10.11am

Think of gyms and you might think of musclebound fitness obsessives casting nasty glances as you attempt to lift weights. But Nr1 Fitness gyms aren't about that at all. Here, customers of all nationalities, ages and body types can feel at ease, with top-notch machinery at their disposal 24/7. Not in shape after lockdown? No problem, find your nearest Nr1 Fitness location, sign up online for as little or as long as you like, then receive a hefty 30% discount plus an entrance code by email within a few seconds – and the gyms are all yours. You can also join a group class or hire a personal trainer, all instructors and PTs speak English and Hungarian.

Special discounts for WLB readers!

Locating your nearest Nr1 Fitness gym and signing up is easy – follow this link for details – and the hefty 30% discount breaks down as 4,958 forints/month for one year. You'll receive your entrance code by email, and this allows you to use any of the four gyms around Budapest. There's even an extra 10% DISCOUNT for WLB readers on all memberships by using the exclusive discount code WLB10% when purchasing your membership online.

Conceived in Norway, Nr1 Fitness set up in Budapest in 2016. Now they have four gyms, three downtown at Oktogon, Kálvin tér and Rákóczi tér, and one up in Óbuda with plans for further expansion around Budapest and neighbouring countries.

The concept is to keep it simple and make top-quality equipment available to everyone, 24/7, with no hidden costs, and no pricey supplements. The use of a technological advanced access system also eliminates queues of people waiting to check-in for their work-out during rush hour!  

Cardio workout on the top treadmills featuring a virtual trainer – choose between the mountains of northern Italy or the streets of Buenos Aires

Photo: Miklós Ungár/UMVisual

Top machines, tremendous staff

Trainers Tünde Moravcsik, Alexandra Báles and Ildikó Pásztor, plus Operational Manager Gyopár Pálffy

Photo: Miklós Ungár/UMVisual

As with any business, whether it's a gym or a restaurant, it's the staff that makes it. And here, it's not just the personal trainers or group instructors offering easy smiles. All gyms have reception staff between 3pm-10pm weekdays, currently longer in the case of Óbuda, so customers can feel at ease, especially at the outset.

Meet the team

Childhood friends and Nr1 Fitness owners Henrik S. Thorsnes (left) and Ivar Braatveit

Photo: Nr1 Fitness

Join the international crowd

Childhood friends and Nr1 Fitness owners Ivar Braatveit and Henrik Thorsnes outlined their inclusive approach: “We don’t judge! Our concept is to provide gyms for everybody, based on a need we saw for more modern, friendlier, cleaner and more affordable gyms with longer opening hours. This should particularly meet the demands of international gym-goers, many of whom are used to paying €20-€35/month for well-equipped gyms in their home country. Whether from the UK, Ireland, Australia, Germany, Spain, Norway or Venezuela, our total client group consists of over 70 different nationalities, and foreigners make up about 50%-60% of our total member base. You feel this international vibe immediately when you walk into our city-centre gyms, great places to make friends – or learn a new language if you take the earphones out and feel like being social – without forgetting about your work-out of course!

Why Nr1 Fitness?

Fancy a quick work-out before work? Great, go for it. You can’t sleep and feel that a run on the virtual trainer will take your mind off things, images of distant cityscapes going by as you pound rubber? All yours. There’s a wedding to go to next spring and only a personal trainer will work your body into the kind of dress you’ll look fabulous in? No worries – and your programme also comes with a smile and empathetic understanding.

Group class instructor/personal trainer Ildikó (Dikó) Pásztor shows Ajona how to use the Inner/Outer Thigh Machine

Photo: Miklós Ungár/UMVisual

Many of us lead sedentary lives, in front of screens, in the car, eating what we shouldn’t. That needn’t change completely, but a little regular exercise, at our own pace, whenever we want it, should add a healthy balance to our lifestyle.

Group classes now include Body Shape, Zumba, Functional Training and Yoga on the agenda, with plans to introduce more, such as Stretching and Self Defence courses, in the near future

Group training with Ildikó 'Dikó' Pásztor

Looking out for the signature orange sign, we walked into the chain’s largest gym, near the many offices around Kolosy tér on Lajos utca in Óbuda. This gym in Óbuda also has a separate room for classes, led by the indefatigable Ildikó PásztorDikó to her friends, colleagues and many satisfied customers. 

Ildikó ’Dikó’ Pásztor leads the FUNCTIONAL TRAINING group class

Photo: Miklós Ungár/UMVisual

A ball of energy, this attentive personal trainer conducts the Functional Training group of varied ages and fitness levels rotating around ten stations. Each piece of equipment works different parts of the body, and each can be picked up or stepped onto in at least two different ways

Using the full-length mirror, Dikó’s trained eye constantly scans the group to see if she can assist or advise as the music picks up and everyone works towards another welcome break.

Having warmed up professionally beforehand, and advised Dikó of any strains or injuries, each participant is in safe hands for the hour-long session. Repeat custom is the norm.

Tünde Moravcsik, Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer Tünde Moravcsik having a laugh with her client Juan Malave

Photo: Miklós Ungár/UMVisual

Dikó’s colleague Tünde Moravcsik works mainly one-on-one, where the personal touch is also paramount. Her current customer portfolio comprises age ranges from 20 to 60, all different personalities and body compositions

Personal Trainer Tünde Moravcsik overseeing her client Juan Malave using the bench press

Photo: Miklós Ungár/UMVisual

Personal Trainer Tünde Moravcsik giving instructions in the TRX to her client Sanna Badjie

Photo: Miklós Ungár/UMVisual

Assessing their needs and limitations, Tünde puts them through their paces, encouraging them while counting down the lifts on the bench press or time in the TRX. Again, stretches and warm-ups preface any session.

Juan Malave takes a break between sessions on the bench press

Photo: Miklós Ungár/UMVisual

The equipment used – the elliptical trainer, the TRX, the bench presses, the rowing machine, the customised treadmills – are open for all to use, of course, not just those hiring Tünde to be their personal trainer. These are constantly cleaned and monitored, so that any necessary little repairs are spotted and fixed straight away.

Ultimately, Nr1 Fitness would like to have a presence right across Budapest, just as it has around Norway – with everyone now out of lockdown and looking to reactivate their lives, it's a viable ambition. Membership allows use of all gyms, in any case. 

Operational Manager Gyopár Pálffy, Owner/MD Ivar Braatveit, trainers Alexandra Báles, Tünde Moravcsik and Ferenc Czap. Front: Ildikó Pásztor

Photo: Miklós Ungár/UMVisual

Nr1 Fitness always has attractive offers available online – currently a year's membership with 30% DISCOUNT breaks down to 4,958 forints/month, introductory group class access for 2,499 forints – but a monthly unlimited group class pass is only 11,999 forints. And don't forget your WLB discount – get an extra 10% DISCOUNT on all memberships by using the exclusive discount code: WLB10% when purchasing your membership online here.

If you see these orange mascots on your way to work or college in the morning – act normal! They're only there for fun!

Photo: Nr1 Fitness

And why not join the open day KICKOFF event at the Óbuda gym with free try-outs on 18 October? Find more info about the event here.

Nr1 Fitness locations & details

Nr1 Fitness Instagram

Nr1 Fitness Kálvin
/1053 Budapest, Kecskeméti utca 14
Nr1 Fitness Óbuda/1036 Budapest, Lajos utca 86
Nr1 Fitness Oktogon/1062 Budapest, Aradi utca 8-10
Nr1 Fitness Rákóczi/1085 József körút 35

Nr1 Fitness Website

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