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Break bread in a beautiful garden – artisanal bakery Breadpit offers more than loaves and pastries

Few bakeries in Budapest, not even suburban ones, have gardens. A couple of tables outside, maybe, or a terrace, but up here in the leafy Pest district of Zugló, Breadpit allows the visitor to sip coffee and tuck into a sandwich while completely surrounded by greenery.

Right by the Miskolci utca/Szuglót utca stop on the 77 trolleybus route from Puskás Ferenc Stadion, artisanal bakery Breadpit belies its artless name, a play on words, to offer excellent freshly baked goods in convivial surroundings. Its freshly renovated, pristine white building stands out amid Zugló greenery, two entrances awaiting intrepid visitors. 

At street level are the bakery itself and a kitchen where delicacies are prepared, bottles and jars lining the shelves. Despite the name, there’s more than bread involved here, as becomes immediately apparent to anyone walking into the store. A back door, meanwhile, leads to the garden.

Currently, the business operates from 7.30am to 2.30pm every weekday but Monday, and 8am-2pm Saturdays, which means that it’s ideal for breakfast, brunch and lunch, or just coffee in the spacious garden. As well as the benches, chairs and tables already in place, a children’s corner is being planned.

Back indoors, there are plenty of sandwiches to choose from, including the signature Wow with gorgonzola spread, strawberries, pine nuts, truffles and honey, all squeezed within top-quality bread. The jalapeño-and-cheddar loaf is particularly popular, as is the rye-poppyseed-and-plum, plus there’s always a daily special.

Among the classic pastries, there’s the Hungarian cottage-cheese favourite túrós táska, and a nut version alongside the iconic cocoa swirl. To accompany, the coffee is excellent.

Considering the quality of what’s on offer, prices are neither cheap nor expensive – and you can take your time over whatever you order.

Venue information

District XIV. Szugló utca 160A
Current opening hours: Tue-Fri 7.30am-2.30pm, Sat 8am-2pm 


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