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EU Digital Covid ID Card now accessible in Hungary

Long lines outside the district council information office, kormányablak, are nothing new, but the 1 July introduction of EU Digital Covid ID Cards in Hungary is especially worth queuing for. How to get your certificate? Read on!


We originally reported that the paper certificate was redeemed for a physical card. This was incorrect, and we have amended this article. We apologise for the confusion!

Those who have been vaccinated, have recovered from Covid or have the relevant antibodies can receive the certificate by following this link and clicking on the appropriate option:

Oltási igazolvány – Vaccination certificate
Testigazolvány – Antibody test certificate
Gyogyultsági igazolvány – Certificate of recovery

After selecting the option which pertains to you, click on the blue button which reads Igazolványi Letöltése. This will download the EU Digital Covid ID application (in English and Hungarian), which can be printed at home. The certificate can also be obtained at your local district-council information office, or kormányablak, as well as from your GP.
*Note: Receiving the EU Digital COVID Certificate requires first having downloaded the National eHealth Infrastructure (EESZT) mobile application. In the Apple App store, search for EESZT Lakossági, while Android users should download EESZT alkalmazá in the Google Play store. Users must log-in with their Client Gate (Ügyfélkapu) account and password.

The certificate, known also as the EU Green Card, ensures border crossing and free movement between EU member states, without the need for testing or quarantine. In addition to the EU, the certificate is also valid for Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland.

There are already problems in the system, which the government is aware of, such as missing information, website crashes and other general glitches. Also, some EU countries do not recognise the Chinese or Russian vaccines, which may make travel difficult for those who received those particular ones.

To check which countries may be entered with which vaccines, check the Consulate website (in Hungarian, with a list of countries at the bottom).


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