A handful of outlets have opened in the castle-like building of the Lőrinc market, one of which is the Lőrinci Halsütöde, the Lőrinc Fish Grill. Here, delicacies are made in front of your nose, completely gluten-free. It keeps pretty much the same hours as the market, so head down this way for lunch or even a late breakfast.

With fish eateries a relatively rarity in town, one that specialises in the genre should be celebrated. The Lőrinc Fish Grill operates at Lőrinc market five days a week from 7am to late lunchtime.

In terms of prices, they fall into the affordable-to-average category, the portions just right of satisfy your appetite without bloating you out.

What is especially good about the Lőrinc Fish Grill is that there’s never a wide selection, always only three or four items, all fried in oil and strictly gluten-free.

Dishes can be jazzed up with various special dips if mayonnaise or tartar sauce don’t hit the mark. For our visit, there was cod and perch on offer, plus fish cakes from catfish, really fresh and local. Trout and bream are also available if you pre-order. But whatever you choose, it should be delicious, and healthy to boot.

Lőrinci Halsütöde
District XVIII. Balassa Bálint utca
Current opening hours: Tue-Fri 7am-2pm, Sat 7am-3pm