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New sports and leisure park for the Tabán


  • Jász Annamária

01/09/2020 8.51am

Locals and project leaders have come together to create a sports and leisure park in the Tabán, the area of Buda that sweeps down from the Castle towards the Danube.

The new development in an area bordered by Krisztina körút, Kereszt utca and Naphegy utca, focuses on the playground by a fitness centre at the top of the slope, the football court on the corner of Kereszt utca/Krisztina utca and the gym nearby – and, all around, more trees and green space. With government support, the development of a sports park is going ahead under the direction of Főkert, which oversees urban greenery in the capital. 

Photo: Koncz Márton - We Love Budapest

In January 2020, they assessed the condition of the trees back and found that several were severely aged and damaged, so they decided to cut them down. According to Főkert director András Zakar, 90 more trees will be planted in their place than originally planned, so the area will see a total of 141 new trees planted. Of these, 51 have already been bedded (ash trees, hackberry, copper beech), with 90 more to follow during the autumn.

If you want to spot them, look out for the youngsters scattered all over the park with watering cans. In addition, 2,400 perennials and 2,500 shrubs have been planted, and grass seeds were sown across 7,500 square metres, creating a fully cultivated lawn.

Photo: Koncz Márton - We Love Budapest

In equally positive news, despite original plans for more paving, dialogue between the new district leaders and local, have resulted in modifications and more green space. The state-of-the-art playground at the top of the hill with slides, steps, handrails, a play castle, springy features and a sandpit, for example, has been fitted with just the right amount of rubber matting. Several larger trees provide shade, and children can take in the panorama of the city centre and Gellért Hill while swinging and playing. Toilets and a nappy change are due to come.

Photo: Koncz Márton - We Love Budapest

They’ve also renovated the sports court on Kereszt utca, making it suitable for both football and basketball, and a bike service station has been installed alongside. The nearby tennis court remains in place, while the outdoor gym now has new equipment with shock-absorbent rubber decking. Bins, benches and lighting line the promenade.

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