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Kolodko strikes again! New statuettes appear at historic Budapest brewery


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08/07/2020 12.19pm

Creator of little figurines placed at apt locations around Budapest, sculptor Mihajlo Kolodko has just unveiled two more. Illustrating the long heritage of the Dreher Brewery down in Kőbánya, the statuettes depict its founder, Antal Dreher Sr, and a vintage beer cart pulled by two dray horses.

Reaching deep into urban history, sculptor Mihajlo Kolodko has created statuettes to portray subjects as diverse as the legend surrounding the New York Café, the song Gloomy Sunday and a brave spy who paid for her valour with her life. Now his subject matter is a happy one: beer. 

Photo: Dreher Sörgyárak

Two figurines have appeared at the Dreher Brewery, founded in 1854 in Kőbánya, where it still stands today. Behind the original venture was Antal Dreher Sr, shown here with his characteristic walking stick in his hand, and one of the most beautiful breweries in Europe in the background. In front of the factory stands another statue depicting a beer cart standing on a real limestone bridge, pulled by two dray horses.

“The atmosphere and history of the brewery immediately touched me as I was able to walk upstairs from the cellar, seeing the cooling attic designed by the Eiffel office, the heritage Zsolnay tiles, the horses and the century-old barrels,” says Kolodko.

Where will he strike next?

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