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Yet another animal born at Budapest Zoo! Amazonian squirrel monkey joins the fold


  • Wágner Gábor

7/30/2020 10:10 AM

There’s a serious baby boom happening at Budapest Zoo, the latest arrival being a cute squirrel monkey of so far unknown sex currently being carried everywhere by its mother. Soon cousins will arrive, as there are more pregnant females among this long-established group now 17 strong.

Born in July, a baby squirrel monkey is now one of several new arrivals this summer at Budapest Zoo . Recently we reported on the zoo welcoming a giant anteater, rare Parma kangaroos and a rather amorous red panda .

Photo: Zoltán Bagosi

The sex of the squirrel monkey is not yet known, but the good news is that the new-born can be spotted quite easily as its mother carries it everywhere with her. The squirrel monkey is native to the forests of the Amazon Basin. Larger males do not weigh more than 1kg, females usually around 750g. By contrast, their young are quite large, the new arrival weighing around one-fifth of its mother after only a few days.

Photo: Zoltán Bagosi

They are especially skilful and agile even among the monkey fraternity. Sociable and communal animals, they communicate with varied sounds reminiscent of chirping birds.

Budapest Zoo
District XIV. Állatkerti körút 6-12

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