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Cars to be redirected from inner District VII in pilot scheme


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27/07/2020 11.05am

Cars will be redirected from the inner area of District VII for three months from 10 August. The long-term goal is to have a more liveable, pleasant living environment in Budapest’s now quieter party district, close to the city centre. Opinion polls and surveys will be taken over this pilot period, which finishes on 31 October.

In plans just laid out by the District VII Council, cars will be redirected from inner hub of the neighbourhood, with the one-way system changing, fewer parking places and one section of street closed to traffic completely. This pilot scheme will be put in place on 10 August and run until 31 October.

See the plan below – dark-blue arrows indicate current one-way streets, pink changed one-way streets, yellow the stretch on Király utca for pedestrians and cyclists, and dotted orange, wider pavements.


A decision is also expected at the end of August to elevate the district to a higher parking-fee zone, encouraging visitors to use car parks, and the idea of ​spaces reserved exclusively for residents has not been ruled out.

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