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Baby flamingos hatched at Budapest Zoo


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29/06/2020 2.33pm

This month, 19 greater flamingo nestlings have seen the light of day at Budapest Zoo, with more expected to hatch in the upcoming days. The little ones can already be viewed as they take their first steps, or find shelter in the forest of thin flamingo legs.

Budapest Zoo has a long history of keeping greater flamingos, and houses one of the best reproducing captive colonies in Europe. Including the newcomers, the local flamingo population now numbers over 150 members.

Photo: Zoltán Bagosi/Budapest Zoo

The breeding and parenting habits of flamingos are quite special. Their one-of-a-kind, carefully prepared nests consist of sand and mud, with a gap at the top to give space for the eggs – looking a bit like tiny volcanos, with eggs in their craters. These are somewhat larger than a chicken’s, around the size of goose eggs. After a 28- to 31-day hatching period, the fluffy birds appear.

Apart from baby flamingos, there are other new-borns at the zoo. In the past few weeks, Budapest has welcomed infant tapirs, Asian wild dogs, camels, northern bald ibises, black swans and pelicans, as well as prairie dog pups.

Budapest Zoo
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