New LEGO and childcare centre opens in Budapest


  • Jász Annamária

2/14/2020 4:48 PM

There are many reasons to welcome the opening of a new LEGO and childcare centre in Újlipótváros, Budapest’s perennially up-and-coming district by the Danube. Attracting young professionals and their children, LEt’s GO Kuckó is sure to be sought-after resource. We find out why.

Photo: We Love Budapest/Attila Polyák

Found on the ground floor of a block of flats on Hollán Ernő utca in District XIII, LEt’s GO Kuckó was put together by Vali Kovács. This economics graduate is also a qualified pedagogical assistant, with experience in nursery schools and with children with special needs. Her daughter Szira is a real LEGO fanatic and has built up an impressive collection over the years, inspiring the theme of this playhouse. The LEGO sets put out for use here are often rare and rather expensive, so this is a good place to try some of them out.

Photo: We Love Budapest/Attila Polyák

Although the target audience at LEt’s GO Kuckó is children, you’ll see many parents crouching down on the rug to play and build a for a while. On this visit, one father managed to put together a whole LEGO Technic vehicle. These days, LEGO kits don’t stop at houses and fire engines: there’s a Saturn V rocket, issued to coincide with the anniversary of the Moon landing, the Hogwarts Express from Harry Potter and, due in any day, a LEGO set themed around the hit TV series Friends.

Photo: We Love Budapest/Attila Polyák

Opening hours coincide with the time most parents might need: after school, during the holidays and on Saturdays. This schedule allows parents to run a few errands, handle appointments or have a little quiet time while the little ones are being taken care of in a creative and playful way.

Photo: We Love Budapest/Attila Polyák

The maximum capacity is ten kids, although there are usually only two or three together at any one time, providing a friendlier and more homely atmosphere than the usual chain playhouses. Little visitors should ideally be at least seven years old, but in case of the younger ones, the team has set up a DUPLO corner for toddlers. There are also board games, as well as a giant African snail resting in a terrarium for those interested in nature.

Photo: We Love Budapest/Attila Polyák

Vali is aware that running a playhouse and taking care of children requires a lot of trust, so she makes sure that anyone can come by to look around or to get to know them before deciding to hire her service. You’ll need to register, so no one is dropping in without prior notice anyway. If, as they say here, you have a LEGO heart, a good time is guaranteed.

Photo: We Love Budapest/Attila Polyák

LEt’s GO Kuckó welcomes children for 2,000 forints an hour after you register online or over the phone. Besides games and childcare, they provide juice, tea and muesli bars for little visitors.

LEt’s GO Kuckó

District XIII. Hollán Ernő utca 25

Open: Mon-Fri 2pm-7pm, Sat 11am-3pm

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